How I Doubled My Income as a Small Law Firm Owner While Never Sacrificing Time with My Family

Your blueprint to getting more clients and building the practice of your dreams.

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One Fact All Attorneys Must Know

Know up front that this will not be easy, but I know that if you want to succeed in business, this is the approach you have to take. I know because I’ve done it.

Get More of the Cases You Love

You know there are certain clients you like and certain clients that drive you crazy. I give you permisson to choose your clients and the steps you need to attract the cases you want!

The Keys You Need to Dominate Online

You are either showing up on the first page of Google or you are not. The secret to getting there is not revolutionary, but many attorneys won't do it. The trick is building a system.

Marketing Campaigns You Need Today

At this point you will have all the basic pieces you need to launch your own supercharged marketing funnel. We will tell you how to launch that into the world and get the most from every marketing dollar you spend.

Build a List of Raving Fans

You want a group of people who are both interested and fascinated by you. When you have your tribe yearning to hear “what’s next,” you have a group who will evangelize with you.

Proven Time Management Tips

The real reasons your "to-do" list is never done and the simple fixes that will allow you spend less time putting out fires and more time working on the cases you enjoy.

The Greatest Business Card You Can Have

The single greatest business card you can show someone, and it sets you up as a trustworthy authority (the wise man at the top of the mountain) in the eyes of your perfect client.

Automation that Increases Conversions

You should never let a new potential client go without getting them into your follow-up system. The key is showing up like no one else and getting them to remember your name.

Show Up Like No Other Lawyer

To potential clients, all lawyers look the same, sound the same, and offer the same service. We will teach you how to leverage YOU and give you the keys to standing out from the crowd and discovering the hidden potential of your story.

Become the Center of Your Legal Community

How to build a REAL referral system that gets you quality leads and more of your perfect client. The big strategy around this system is so easy to implement, you will wish you did it sooner.

Strategies You Need to Implement in Your Practice Today


This report will show you the major mistakes attorneys make when they market their law firm and the simple changes you can make that will make you INSTANTLY stand out from all the other attorneys in your region.


We don't teach tactics that only gets you the most leads for your law firm, we teach you tactics that gets you the most CLIENTS.


No one is teaching lawyers how to market their practices in law school. The best and only advice lawyers get in law school is "do good work and the cases will come." We want to show you how to ethically and effectively market your practice without relying on the bar association to make things better for you.

What's The Catch?

There isn’t one. I won’t be asking you for a single dime. This report is completely free. We believe the more lawyers we can help build healthy and happy lives, the better the attorney world becomes.

By the End of This Report, You’ll Be Shocked That I’m Giving It Away Free

This report will answer the biggest question I get from lawyers around the country on a weekly basis: Knowing what you know today, if you were starting over with the marketing of your law practice, what exact steps would you take?

  •  Your email address is never sold or given away.