3 Marketing Tips for New Lawyers

#1 Build Your Truth from the Ground Up

This is about believing what you see when it comes to the reality of your law firm. This means that your perception of the business is evidence-based and tracked, enabling you to make decisions that you are confident will be successful based on prior results. You can achieve evidence-based clarity by implementing direct response marketing.

People falsely believe that marketing is building a brand and getting your name out there, but marketing is really about getting more, high-quality clients. Marketing is intentional and is creating a specific person in mind. What makes marketing direct response is creating a response in your ideal client and tracking the return on investment (ROI) and the effectiveness of an advertisement.

Ad representatives and marketing consultants will convince you to spend money on branding and vanity marketing that may make you feel good but doesn’t bring in any new clients.

#2 You Are a Business Owner

Once you open your own law firm, you are a business owner first and an attorney second. You are now responsible for the well-being of your family and employees by growing the financials of the business. One of the first challenges you are likely to face as a new law firm owner is accepting the fact that you offer a service that needs to be sold.

Remember, that what marketing really boils down to is obtaining high-value clients. It’s not selfish to target and work with your ideal client and you are not obligated to help everyone. The more high-value clients you obtain, the more employees you can hire and pay fairly and create the best work environment.

#3 Use Every Piece of the Buffalo

Think critically about how you can use a marketing tool or piece of content. Don’t work hard to create something and then post it in one place and forget about it. Make sure that you have different ways to use the content and circulate it regularly.

Network at events. Referrals can be a significant source of income for a law firm, if you are not attending lawyer events and introducing yourself to other attorneys you are letting thousands of dollars slip through your fingertips.

Refurbish content for multiple uses. Have an audio or video clip? Transcribe it and turn it into a free report to offer. This takes no additional effort from you and you are getting the most value out of the content you created. If an advertisement isn’t successful, keep the pieces of it you like and redistribute it to other mediums.

Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.

Most attorneys start their firms assuming that being a really, really good attorney should, in and of itself, be a marketing advantage. Those attorneys believe that joining a whole bunch of committees and putting their name in lawyer directories is “marketing,” and they never bother to ask if there is a better way.

Attorneys are catching on, however, and those who succeed learn to leverage their current resources to create effective (and ethical) marketing. What they discover isn’t a magic pill or silver bullet but a different approach to marketing that your competitors haven’t considered.

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by Ben Glass

Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.


  • Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.