Discover How You Can Attract ONLY the Clients You Want and Grow Your Law Firm While Working on the Cases You LOVE

Would you like a chance to “look over my shoulder” and see exactly how I moved from being an “also-ran” law firm to a seven-figure practice in one of the most competitive regions for law in the country?


After Helping Thousands of Law Firms with Their Practices, I’ve Noticed A Trend or Two (Or A Few Hundred), Including Some Big Issues You’re Facing Right Now - But Probably Don’t Even Know About!

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  • The #1 problem with the majority of marketing done by law firms.
  • What people really want to hear when they are shopping for an attorney.
  • How to match your marketing message to the actual problems experienced by your ideal client.
  • What you MUST unlearn to be a successful attorney in today's economy.
  • How attorneys have TRIPLED their revenue using simple targeting methods.  
  • How to INSTANTLY stand out from other law firms.
  • Why most lawyer marketing falls FLAT ON ITS FACE as soon as it launches.
  • Why talking about yourself repels clients, and how you can bring them back.
  • What you must do to target specific client types with your marketing.
  • ... AND MUCH MORE!