Defined in one sentence; ICON Accelerated is a Mastermind Group unlike any other, filled with people who will motivate and inspire you.

This is the “quick n’ dirty” definition of ICON Accelerated. However, it is so much more…

Every quarter, you will meet with your Accelerated group in-person, online, or both (depending on available travel conditions) for a TWO-DAY STRATEGIC PLANNING AND GROWTH SESSION.

During these sessions, you will:

  • Learn from industry leaders on marketing, growth, and personal development.
  • Set your STRATEGIC PLAN for the next quarter, giving you concrete objectives to achieve.
  • Receive feedback on your plans from high-level facilitators and coaches.
  • Collaborate with other Accelerated members to cross-pollinate your practices with great ideas
  • Enjoy the supercharging effect of getting away from the practice in order to work ON the business instead of in it

This means FOUR sessions every year, giving you constant motivation and accountability to actually hit your goals instead of just talking about them!

In between each planning session, you will participate in monthly Group Accountability Meetings, led by Ben Glass and Charley Mann. During these meetings, you will be asked for an update on what you’ve accomplished and get the chance to ask any questions you have about hitting your STRATEGIC PLAN.

All of this comes on top of your ICON membership with Great Legal Marketing, yielding an unparalleled combination of information, coaching, and accountability for you and your law firm!

Should you Join ICON Accelerated or HERO Accelerated?

HERO Accelerated is a mastermind program for law firms who want to break the six-figure barrier while ICON Accelerated is for seven-figure law firms who want to grow to multi-million dollar firms.

We segment these groups because, frankly, lawyers with seven-figure firms have different challenges than six- figure firms. We want to match attorneys to the group that best fit their needs, and this delineation is important for the content within the Accelerated groups.

That is why our Accelerated programs are BY APPLICATION ONLY. We want to match you with the right group.


For Law Firm owners who want Group Wisdom, Accountability, and Access to a premium experience with our highest level coaches, the Accelerated coaching programs are the perfect fit!

HERO Accelerated


You may have some or all of these…

  • Under $1 Million in annual revenue (definitely if you’re under ~ $750,000 per year)
  • Getting clients more regularly and in higher quantities is your top priority
  • You have 6 or fewer employees (usually)
  • Your revenue has stayed steady over the past two or more years
  • There’s still “sweat equity” you need to put into the practice
  • Your practice has been open for two years or less

ICON Accelerated


You may have some or all of these…

  • Over $1 Million in annual revenue (definitely if you’re under ~ $1.5 Million per year)
  • Management issues are just as pressing as getting clients – and likely more so
  • You have 7 or more employees (usually)
  • Your revenue has grown at a fairly quick pace over the last two or more years
  • The Practice’s growth comes through adding more people rather than you personally doing the work

ICON members receive all the HERO materials alongside their core program. We recommend passing on those materials to a key employee in the practice (i.e Marketing Director).


To Start the Application Process for ICON Accelerated

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