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Our gross revenue is 148% compared to the same timeframe last year

Jackie Bedard

Estate Planning | North Carolina

GLM has changed my entire work life and personal life. My wife and I have financial security and are planning to purchase a vacation home in the next two years.”

Max Meyers

Personal Injury | Washington

Great Legal Marketing has totally transformed my marketing efforts and how I spend money to attract business

Tim Miley

Personal Injury | West Virginia

I take time off whenever I want; I never miss important school events; and am always home for family dinner

Stacey Barrus

Personal Injury | Texas

The things that Great Legal Marketing is teaching are so advanced and so much on the cutting edge, I have a huge advantage over my competitors

Bob Battle

DUI | Virginia

“I’m Ben Glass and along with leading law firm coach Charley Mann, we are inviting entrepreneurial law firm owners to combine their innate ingenuity and drive to succeed with our best-in-class guidance and strategic planning to achieve unrivaled growth and profit in their practices.”

Are you accidentally building an elaborate mouse trap designed to lock you deep inside your law firm until you finally wake up and realize this isn’t what you want from life?

Sounds scary…

Yet it’s the most common outcome of running larger law firms.

While you may enjoy the hefty personal income of a seven-figure firm, let me ask you an important question: Are you required to be there to make that money?

If your personal work is needed to generate revenue, you don’t have a business… You Have a Job. No doubt it’s a job many would like, but you didn’t open your own law firm and grow it to seven figures just for the financial spoils. You don’t want to be stuck trading hours at your desk for money, even if it’s more money than you ever thought you’d be bringing home. After all, the money you make can’t buy you time… unless you’re putting that money toward transforming your law firm into an autonomous, systems-based practice, allowing you to come and go as you please.

The I.C.O.N System was built specifically for seven-figure firm owners like YOU with a proven method for increasing profit, adding millions in revenue, and giving you the freedom to work whatever hours you want

You can build the firm you really want to the size to best support your ideal lifestyle. For some, it’s a solid $3 million with a big chunk of it going to personal income. For others, they want offices multiple locations (even multiple states) with a million-dollar or more annual payout from the practice.

When you “crack the code” on how growth occurs at seven figures, you can achieve far more than you ever thought possible!

This is the magic of the multi-million dollar firm. As you grow, you gain:

  • Economies of scale available only to seven- and eight-figure firms that allow you to focus on the Reinvestment Cycle critical to massive, accelerating growth
  • Revenue stability with far fewer outlier years (better for budgeting and producing reliable income)
  • Ability to test new strategies on a larger scale with less pressure on needing an instant win, meaning your BIG IDEAS actually have time to mature and produce a positive outcome
  • Higher margins on every signed client thanks to high-performing management and operation systems

You are ready to create an OWNER-INDEPENDENT business from you law firm. It will no longer rely on your efforts to get to the next level. Instead, through a better understanding and integration of the Marketing-Operation-Finance triangle, you will unlock millions in potential revenue from your current practice!

All you need is the right plan, a hard push to get started, and ongoing guidance to keep you on course.

You were able to get to seven figures (not an easy task, so congrats on joining the club!), so I know you have what it takes to turn your firm into an autonomous engine for growth and build a better lifestyle for you, your family, and even your employees!

If you’ve felt frustrated with your practice in the last 6-12 months, you might want to know that high-performing seven-figure firm owners like you deal with these problems too:

  • Too many ideas and not enough structure to get them done
  • Exhaustion from working IN the practice instead of ON it (there is no honor in doing work that is below your grade)
  • Significant money investments in marketing and growth that went sour
  • Struggling to make a breakthrough and add the next million dollars in revenue
  • Chaotic personnel structure creating massive profit-draining inefficiencies
  • Management done by personality rather than by performance

It’s time to attack BIG GOALS and put a system in place around you that empowers you as the firm owner!

The ICON program was built specifically for seven-figure firm owners like YOU with a proven method for increasing profit, adding millions in revenue, and giving you the freedom to work whatever hours you want on only the most important projects.

You can join the hundreds of attorneys from dozens of practice areas who’ve experienced Great Legal Marketing’s ICON program.



The ICON Program

Master the Principles and Strategies for
Unlimited Growth!

Ambitious law firm owners like you need, more than ever, a TRUSTED RESOURCE away from the negativity and noise holding you back from hitting the next stage of growth. You want to hear from experts who have “been there, done that” but who are also pioneering the next opportunities for practice owners.

The ICON program is about MASTERY OF YOUR LAW FIRM as a business.

Here’s what an ICON member like YOU will do in just the first few months as part of going through the core four-step system:


Master your natural INFLUENCE as a marketing factor, leadership style, and growth driver for the practice while removing you from smaller tasks.


Solidify and codify the CULTURE of your firm, including developing the core values and setting the known standards for performance in the practice


Build your OPERATIONS road map for higher efficiency (meaning greater profits) and a more stable chain of command (meaning fewer questions and “pop-ins” in your personal office)


Nail down the primary NUMBERS that drive the growth of your law firm… most businesses only monitor the past, causing them to make poor decisions; you will learn how to look forward using specific numbers that predict the outcome

Abe Cardenas

Immigration, Florida

“Do You Want to Learn What They Should Have Taught Lawyers In Law School?”

‘Like everybody who’s started their own law office, I started with great difficulty, but lots of personal rewards. In these 13 years I’ve had many ups and many downs.

I have tried all sorts of marketing techniques throughout my 13 years. The ones I have been successful with have been the strategies of Great Legal Marketing. The programs provided by Great Legal Marketing have been wonderful.

I did not get a ton of business from my website until using Great Legal Marketing. Now, I am certainly getting a lot more calls inquiries and new clients. My advice to any lawyer is to implement these strategies. I did it, and there is no reason why you can’t do it too.’

What’s Included with ICON
Program Membership

All of the core ICON program materials are immediately
available in our membership website, including:

Monthly Modules

Office Hours Sessions

Monthly ICON Letters

Templates and Guides

Special Membership BONUSES


Unlimited Email Support

Instant Access to New Marketing Reports & Guides

Exclusive Attorney-Only Membership Directory

The ICON Program’s Module-Based
Monthly Training

Bust Open the Potential on Your Practice with The Best-in-Class Training
Program for Seven-Figure Law Firm Owners

Module 01

Why Lawyers Should Become “Empire Builders” and How that Serves You (and Your Clients)

In this module, you’ll learn
  • How you can build exactly the life you want through the practice of law.
  • Why the response to the “lawyer wellbeing” crisis has been all wrong, and how we approach it differently to truly give law firm owners what they need.
  • Why you should design your life to meet your expectations and desires.
  • How building an empire not only enhances your life, but also the lives of everyone around you.
  • The real reason good lawyers go bad, and what the bar can (and should do) to help.
  • How to live a happy, joy-filled life as an attorney.

Module 02

How to Define Your Law Firm’s Core Values to Enhance Your Practice, Your Marketing, and Your Life

In this module, you’ll learn
  • What you should consider as you are establishing your core values so what you create makes a meaningful impact on your practice.
  • Why core values are literally the CORE of your practice and how you can use them to enhance your law firm.
  • How you should use core values inside (and outside) of your law practice to improve your profits and your life.
  • How to hire staff based on core values to create a highly motivated and productive team.
  • Why you should use core values to make key decisions in your law practice and get tremendous results.

Module 03

How to Build a Workplace Culture that Enables Everyone to Thrive

In this module, you’ll learn
  • Increase job satisfaction in all your law firm’s key positions.
  • Discover strategies on how to identify your law firm’s current culture and change the parts that you need to.
  • How to train employees to identify issues in your practice and act to fix those issues on their own.
  • Improve upon or fix processes in your law firm that will lead to more efficient systems.
  • How to attract top-tier employees who will fit your law firm culture (without increasing the salary for that role).

Module 04

How to Hire for Your Law Firm’s Success (and Fire the Employees Who Just Don’t Get It)

In this module, you’ll learn
  • How to create the “must have” hiring and staffing tool that defines the responsibilities for each role within your practice.
  • Tips on how to write a killer job listing that attracts the best possible candidate for your law firm.
  • Great Legal Marketing’s three-step interview process that is guaranteed to weed out the bad candidates and make the best candidates excited to work with you.
  • How to onboard new employees to set them up for success and make them excited to be part of your growing practice.
  • What you need to do when an employee’s performance is lagging behind your expectations and how to give a constructive performance review.
  • The secret behind firing with empathy but without guilt and how to make your employee happier because of it.

Module 05

How to Embrace the Role of CEO and Thrive as the Visionary of Your Law Firm

In this module, you’ll learn
  • How to do only the work you want (without feeling like you are working at a self-created job).
  • Why working as the CEO of your firm is better for you, your law firm, and everyone in your circle of influence.
  • How to magnify your impact on your practice and your community.
  • How to reduce your stress and increase your happiness while getting more out of your practice.
  • The best way for lawyers to transition into CEO role.
  • How your ego gets in the way of your success and prevents you from reaching your goals.
  • What the true responsibilities are of a law firm CEO.

Module 06

What You Need to Create an “Operations Manual” that Will Guide Everything in Your Law Firm

In this module, you’ll learn
  • How to create efficient systems and processes WITHOUT documenting every single activity in your practice.
  • Exactly what you need to create an operations manual that you can hand to new employees and have them instantly understand how your practice works.
  • The easy way to get all of the institutional knowledge that lives in the heads of your senior staff on paper.
  • The core processes you MUST outline in your operational manual that will safeguard your practice in case of turnover

Module 07

How to Better Manage Your Law Firm’s Budget to Safeguard Your Financial Future

In this module, you’ll learn
  • How to meaningfully address the root cause of financial issues in your practice.
  • How to identify data you need to properly prepare your law firm’s budget.
  • How to foster open and honest communication about your law firm’s financial situation at all levels of your practice.
  • The seven simple steps to create a smart law firm budget that will set up your practice for success.
  • The basics of setting revenue goals that will excite and motivate everyone within your practice.
  • How to scale your marketing budget to allot for more growth

Module 08

How to Establish an Organizational Chart for Your Law Firm that Will Define the Right Seats Needed for Your Practice to Operate at 100%

In this module, you’ll learn
  • Why law firms making more than a million dollars in revenue should be focused on getting the right people in the right seats.
  • How to use an organizational chart to define YOUR job within the law firm so you are only doing the work that makes you happy.
  • Why “boring” topics like organizational charts actually get your employees excited at coming to work.
  • How to define the structure of your law firm that best suits your practice and ensures your practice is positioned for growth.
  • The most important roles for practices that earn more than a million dollars each year.
  • The process for defining exactly who does what in your practice so no one in your law firm ever asks “who’s supposed to do this?”
… Plus much more!

Join the ICON Program and Also Get These

Exclusive ICON Member Bonuses

Passion & Pain: The Truth About Personal and Business Growth as an Entrepreneurial Attorney

Blunt talk from Ben Glass about what it really takes to be an entrepreneur in a profession that doesn’t always respect that position.


Marketing & Money-Making Secrets: The Titanium Recordings

You’ll hear what they tell each other are THE most prized, most valuable, most powerful business strategies they utilize personally AND the best strategies they share with their constituencies. This incredible discussion gives you unprecedented insider’s insight into their businesses. You’ll hear the discussion UN-edited, as it was recorded LIVE … unscripted, unrehearsed.


Built to Thrive: Preparing Your Mind, Your Team, and Your Practice for Explosive Growth

The secret behind prioritizing your life over your practice (and how this opened up HUGE increases in PRODUCTIVITY for me) – discover the personal rules I use to increase my satisfaction as an entrepreneurial law firm owner and personal happiness.


Make Tough Decisions: Create a High-Performance Culture

All of Ben Glass’s best tips for making the toughest choices in your practice, including the best ways to manage employees, your time, and your firm’s finances.


Engineering Your Super Squad: How to Build an All-Star Team for Your Law Firm

Engineering Your Super Squad is GLM’s one-of-a-kind expert hiring system. The program’s new Superhero Attraction ads will bring you the best candidates, and the Super-Screening Interview process will make sure you choose the best ones!











Monthly Office Hours (LIVE Sessions)

Dedicated Space for You to Ask Questions of GLM’s
Top-Tier ICON Coaching Team

Our ICON Membership wasn’t meant to be experienced in a vacuum.

Our ICON Membership wasn’t meant to be experienced in a vacuum. Our team of coaches, guest speakers, and other high-performing ICON members are here to guide you during these monthly LIVE sessions.

In previous Office Hours sessions, Ben Glass and Charley Mann have covered practice growth secrets, hiring and firing, new marketing opportunities, and other attorney-only practice-building topics. These sessions include two parts:

  • LIVE training/discussions lead by the founder and CEO of Great Legal Marketing, Ben Glass, designed to help you address the biggest issues facing your practice
  • Interactive Q&A session where ICON members can submit their questions and get immediate feedback from Ben Glass, Charley Mann, and other ICON members. You’ll learn a ton from Ben, but you’ll also get great information from other attorney members!

The Office Hours sessions are a great place for you to interact with like-minded attorneys who are dedicated to the growth of their practices. Everyone in this group has a “rising tides floats all boats” mentality, so you’ll get the very best from all the attorneys in the group!

Ben Glass usually charges $1500 monthly to do one-on-one coaching with attorneys, but you’ll be able to get on an Office Hour session with him once a month in a group setting to get your most pressing questions answered!

Join The ICON Program Today!

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The ICON Program Works

Learn More from Our Attorney Success Stories

Michele Lewane

Workers’ Comp | Virginia

"My income and law firm have more than tripled"

Since joining Great Legal Marketing, my income and law firm have more than tripled. I simply followed the basic steps and I started seeing results. Now I am in a great position and am trying to tweak and improve things. Great Legal Marketing continues to help me in these endeavors so I never have to recreate the wheel.

Michael Monteforte

Estate Planning | Massachusetts

"Old clients are coming back and our VIPS have been referring business to us"

We are truly grateful for all the tremendous support, excellent resources, ongoing education, generous mentions in the GLM Journal, and for all the hard work you and your team put into the end-of-year Summit that we all benefit from.

One-by-one, we are chipping away at all the powerful programs you have laid out for us. Most recently, I rolled out our “dhcVIP Client Appreciation Program” and it has blown up. In the first month, we had 135 households (174 individuals) sign up and we currently have 315 households (441 individuals)! I am preparing for a second mailing to past clients who have not received the invite yet.

My goal is to strengthen existing relationships, develop repeat business, cross-sell in all six practice areas, and in turn, make our VIPs our biggest evangelists. We are already getting business from the VIP program, old clients are coming back into the fold, the invitation served as a reminder to call us for new matters, and our VIPs have been referring business to us. It’s been a win-win for us and our clients.

Loyd Bourgeois

Personal Injury | Louisiana

"Great Legal Marketing has real common sense and proven ideas to improve and expand a law practice"

Great Legal Marketing has real common sense and proven ideas to improve and expand a law practice. I bought one of their publications, a book called “Renegade Lawyer Marketing” and later I attended their annual summit meeting in Arlington Virginia. I listened to presentations from attorneys from all over the nation who had implemented their strategies and had great results. I spoke to more than one of these attorneys and learned even more and became more convinced – I could take my law firm to a new level.

I was convinced and impressed enough that I made arrangements to return to Virginia to attend a Fast Implementation Boot Camp. I took with me two of my staff members. This was an opportunity to meet for a day-and-a-half with Ben Glass and his staff in a smaller group setting. This event was super helpful. The cost of it was unbelievably modest. Yet Ben and his very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and engaging staff were all there.

Each of these quality and talented individuals presented. That was important because my staff and I got to know each of them a bit. It gave me confidence that they would be available to assist my staff in the implementation of our marketing plan.

My employees and I left this event with specific hands-on instruction to improve our law practice and bottom line. Attorney and law firm marketing expert Ben Glass (who is the real deal) takes the time to answer all questions really cares that each participant succeeds. Unless you are my competitor (Family Law in Southern California) I highly recommend Great Legal Marketing.

Everything You’ll Get in Great Legal
Marketing’s ICON Program

Module-Based Training with Month-by-Month Implementation Guidance

Accomplish more with a training modules that take less than 30 minutes a month to consume than you would from most day-long conferences

$2,599 VALUE

Monthly Office Hours LIVE Sessions

A dedicated space for you to ask questions of GLM’s top-tier ICON coaching team, along with surprise guests, pop-up mini seminars, and exclusive motivational content.

$3,599 VALUE

The Monthly ICON Letter

Featuring advanced personal and professional development coaching from a select team of high-impact coaches

$5,988 VALUE

Monthly Edition of “Advisors and Allies”

A special publication featuring contributions from outside consultants, vendors, and other subject matter experts, giving you a closer look at other resources to help in the growth of your law firm

$1,549 VALUE

Dedicated Membership Site

Featuring BEST-IN-CLASS LAUNCH SYSTEMS for referral generation, lead generation, using webinars, and more

$999 VALUE

FIVE Bonus Attorney Marketing Programs

These programs were previously only available by direct purchase only, but we are making them available to ICON members and the price is included with monthly membership!

$7,930 VALUE

Membership Directory

Get to know other ICON members, make connections, and build your practice with the help of all of the super-
talented attorneys in our ICON membership!

$995 VALUE

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