What Should You Write for Your Practice Area Pages?

Your law firm’s website should feature all your practice areas with unique practice area pages. Practice area pages are critical parts of your website, and most of these are considered “top-level pages.” In SEO terms, this means that practice area pages are among the first pages that a search engine will crawl, with the home page typically being the first.Your practice area pages also lend their strength and authority to the blog, article, or FAQ pages that you create for that practice area. Think of your website as a tree, with the practice area pages at the top with many branches below that lead to smaller pages and articles that address specific topics.

What Purpose Does a Practice Area Page Serve?

Let’s step away from thinking about SEO for a moment and focus on the potential legal client. If they visit your website, your practice area page will be the first or second page they visit. Their mindset as they look at these pages is critical to consider as you write.

Most people who are experiencing a legal issue are troubled. They are worried, anxious, angry, and maybe profoundly saddened. Let’s be honest, most people aren’t thrilled they’ve been injured or wronged by another party. In some cases, their financial future may be on the line. Perhaps they’ve lost a loved one.

Without a doubt, they have questions. They are unsure of the legal process, what to expect, and who to hire to help them. For your practice area page to inform their decision to hire you, the page should:

  1. Answer their big questions. Focus on the commonly asked questions you get when you first meet with a client and answer those. You may also want to address your costs, but less is more when you are discussing fees.
  2. Demonstrate your experience. Feature the stories of cases or clients who you’ve helped. If you have video testimonials or written reviews, a practice area page is a great place to feature those. DON’T JUST LIST YOUR CREDENTIALS.
  3. Make a Unique Offer. If you have educational materials you can provide, either in book or webinar form, make those available on your practice area pages (in exchange for their contact information). Producing your own educational materials can also position you as an authority.
  4. Link to Videos, Articles, or Blogs that Answer Frequently Asked Questions. Linking to other content on your website can help your SEO and provide them with more useful information about their case.

How Many Words Should Your Practice Area Page Be?

We can answer this question in two ways. First, I generally recommend that ANY website page contain at least 500 words. However, as any SEO expert will tell you, what is more important is that you fully answer your web visitor’s questions. If you write for all the information that I listed above, you will find your practice area page has 1000+ words.

Remember, what you say on a page matters more than images, layout, or design. While search engine spiders “see” a page’s design, the spiders are more concerned with what you say on that page. Real people also care more about the text on a page more than design. After all, they are there to get answers to their questions, not marvel at the beauty of a lawyer’s website.

Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.

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by Ben Glass

Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.


  • Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.