The Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) for Lawyers

When you’re first introduced to the Pareto principle, it can sound metaphysical…even magical. But the more you investigate within your own law practice how the Pareto principle applies, the more you’ll discover that this “80/20” thing you’ve heard about? It’s actually legitimate. In this article I want to talk to you about something that isn’t […]

Should Law Firms Advertise on Radio?

As the digital world shifts and expands, should law firms advertise on radio? It’s no secret that modern consumers favor digital over traditional forms of media. For the most part, smartphones and televisions have taken the place of radios and newspapers in the home. Personal digital media consumption rates have grown considerably in recent years, […]

Content Strategy for Law Firms

Brands, businesses, and even small influencers have one huge misconception: to grow, all you need to do is pump out relevant content, and a lot of it.   Growth and consistency are important. But there has to be a method to the madness, or else you’re creating content for the sake of creating content; not […]

SEO and the Google Business Model

As it’s increasingly relevant in today’s marketing, we want to revisit a topic we discussed a few years ago on our Youtube channel: SEO and the Google business model. The modern era of the internet offers online access to nearly unlimited information.  It seems every search input yields countless results. Ranking high on the Google search page can […]

4 Ways Your Law Firm Can Use LinkedIn to Gain Referrals

Did you know that your most powerful tool to gain referrals could be your law firm LinkedIn account? Chances are you have relied on traditional means of gaining referrals in the past, whether through in-person networking or online research you’ve conducted yourself. These methods are tried and true–there is no denying that they produce results. […]

How an Estate Planner Can Benefit from a Coach’s Guidance

Estate planning attorneys often seek out business or marketing coaches to help them find clients. How might this benefit your estate planning law firm?

What Does A Law Firm Consultant Do?

Thinking of hiring a law firm marketing consultant? Check out our quick guide on what a legal marketing consultant does.

The Psychology of Lawyer Mastermind Groups (and Why They Work so Well)

What makes a mastermind group valuable? Discover the benefits of joining a mastermind and leverage the knowledge and experience of other law firm owners.

What Does a Law Firm Consultant Do and How Do They Help Law Firms?

A law firm consultant can be an excellent resource for attorneys who want to advance their personal and professional goals.

How Lawyer Mastermind Groups Work

Everything you need to know about lawyer mastermind groups, and how you can find the right attorney mastermind program for your law practice.

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Why Attending Legal Marketing Seminars is Important

Learn why good legal marketing seminars are important for your law firm's success and how they can help you achieve your personal goals as a lawyer.