How Law Firms Can Use Humor in Marketing

Humor is abundant in today’s advertising. Brands and businesses look for ways to be relatable to consumers, and to make their products or services memorable and desirable. What better way to convince someone that your services are worth their time and money than a good laugh? You may be wondering how you can incorporate humor […]

Has the Profession Learned Nothing from the Pandemic?

A return to normalcy should not mean a return to the status quo.

Did I Steal Your Shoes? (Wait, Why Am I Asking About Your Shoes?)

Why am I asking about your shoes? Obviously, if you look down at your feet, I haven't stolen a thing.

The Missing Ingredient to Solving The Lawyer Wellness Crisis: Build a Better Business (Excerpt from Play Left Fullback)

Read an excerpt from Ben Glass's new book about attorney marketing and practice building, Play Left Fullback.

Ben Glass’s Favorite Leadership and Marketing Books

Ben Glass's Favorite Leadership and Marketing Books

5 Reasons Lawyers Don’t Market Themselves

Discover the 5 reasons lawyers don't market themselves and why it's a fatal error in their long-term marketing success.

3 Ways to Radically Shift Your Mindset to Succeed in 2020

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We Are What We Pretend To Be

Our minds are incredible machines that can shape the world around us. It is so important to visualize the life and the future you want.

The Power of YOU in Your Law Firm

The #1 decider in the success of a law practice is the mental acuity, determination, and toughness of the owner of the practice.

The Bar Addresses Lawyer Wellbeing and Misses the Mark

Ben Glass talks about the recent bar comment on lawyer wellbeing and why the proposed change does not go far enough.

What Impact is the Increased Commoditization of Legal Services Having on your Practice?

How today's lawyers can attract and convert new clients through legal video and establish themselves as a trusted authority.

The Real Reason Why Lawyers are Stressed and Unhappy (and what the Virginia State Bar Can Do to Help)

Virginia Lawyers Weekly wrote a piece about attorneys under so much stress that it negatively affects their health and well-being. Find out the real reason why.