Should Law Firms Advertise on Radio?

As the digital world shifts and expands, should law firms advertise on radio? It’s no secret that modern consumers favor digital over traditional forms of media. For the most part, smartphones and televisions have taken the place of radios and newspapers in the home. Personal digital media consumption rates have grown considerably in recent years, […]

Content Strategy for Law Firms

Brands, businesses, and even small influencers have one huge misconception: to grow, all you need to do is pump out relevant content, and a lot of it.   Growth and consistency are important. But there has to be a method to the madness, or else you’re creating content for the sake of creating content; not […]

SEO and the Google Business Model

As it’s increasingly relevant in today’s marketing, we want to revisit a topic we discussed a few years ago on our Youtube channel: SEO and the Google business model. The modern era of the internet offers online access to nearly unlimited information.  It seems every search input yields countless results. Ranking high on the Google search page can […]

7 Ways for Law Firms to Appeal to Younger Audiences

As many know, identifying the wants and needs of your target client is pivotal in marketing. For law firms of the past, this meant catering to an older demographic. As times change, though, law firms are starting to reach out to younger audiences. This may sound like marketing 101–but with an evolving consumer market, many […]

How Law Firms Can Use Humor in Marketing

Humor is abundant in today’s advertising. Brands and businesses look for ways to be relatable to consumers, and to make their products or services memorable and desirable. What better way to convince someone that your services are worth their time and money than a good laugh? You may be wondering how you can incorporate humor […]

Is Law Firm Television Advertising For You?

Since its beginning, the landscape of television advertising has changed drastically. The last decade alone has seen a complete change in how and where we consume media. The first step to a successful marketing strategy is to reach as large of an audience as possible. Does television still have the capacity to provide you with […]

10 TikTok Tips for Lawyers

Is TikTok a good place for lawyers to market content? TikTok is a social media platform focused around creating, watching, and sharing short-form videos. It revolves around a “For You” page: an endless stream of videos personalized to individual users by the TikTok algorithm. You can watch what you like, skip what you don’t like, and […]

How Law Firms Should Do Social Media Giveaways

Thinking of fun, easy ways to boost engagement and increase your law firm’s following? Look no further than a law firm social media giveaway. Whether you’ve already established your firm’s online presence or are just starting a new marketing campaign, doing a social media giveaway is a fun, fast, and effective way to generate new […]

The Best Email Marketing Tools for Your Law Firm

There are so many email marketing platforms at one’s disposal: Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Constan犀利士 t Contact, AWeber, Keep, Ontraport, SendFox, SendGrid, just to name a few. It can be overwhelming to decipher which is best for your practice and the marketing goals you are trying to achieve.How can you decide which one is best for […]

Starting a Law Firm YouTube Channel

Establishing a presence for a law firm YouTube channel can feel daunting compared to other social media platforms. YouTube is the second most visited website with an average of 1.7 billion unique monthly visits and 14.3 billion monthly visits total. The opportunity to reach your audience and grow your brand is limitless. It’s a big blue […]

How to Get More Google Reviews With One Email

If your law firm wants to get more 5-star google reviews, all you need is one simple email. It’s no secret that 5-star ratings are crucial to getting new clients. It’s not just about being a well-reviewed firm, but it helps you rank higher in local based searches- which is a huge leverage point. So how […]

10 Instagram Tips for Law Firms

Instagram can frustrate law firms. You may have tried to get an account going, enjoyed early success, then saw the growth stall, and you want to start growing again. Perhaps you have yet to open an account, and you want some Instagram tips for law firms to start off on the right foot. The trick […]