The Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) for Lawyers

When you’re first introduced to the Pareto principle, it can sound metaphysical…even magical. But the more you investigate within your own law practice how the Pareto principle applies, the more you’ll discover that this “80/20” thing you’ve heard about? It’s actually legitimate. In this article I want to talk to you about something that isn’t […]

How Every Law Firm Should Do Performance Evaluations

If you own a law firm, you’ve probably thought about doing performance evaluations. Maybe you’ve done them on an intermittent basis. In that case, well done. Or maybe you used to conduct performance reviews every quarter…five years ago. Sound familiar? The fact is that most performance review systems are not designed for small businesses. Some […]

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Building A Great Team to Run Your Law Firm with Minimal Stress

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The Truth About Retaining Millennial Employees

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Stop Working for Your Law Firm and Put Your Law Firm to Work for You

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