The Language of Your Legal Marketing

Tone is Important in Your Legal Marketing Message

Think about your ideal client and how they speak. Are they casual and use simple, everyday vocabulary, or are they more articulate and choose to use a more robust vernacular? The 犀利士
different-approach-lawyer-marketing-strategies/”>lawyer advertising language you choose when composing your content is highly important when you’re trying to create a personal connection to your clients.

As I said earlier, tone needs to be considered when you are drafting your content. If you’re taking a sympathetic route with sensitive case matters, you should focus on a simple vocabulary. You don’t want to sound too haughty and pretentious, as your clients are looking for someone who understands their plight, not someone who’s going to be talking over their heads.

For more business-minded cases, you can kick things up a notch in the vocabulary department and use some higher-end language. You want your clients to feel comfortable that their attorney has a good education and can articulate themselves like an intellectual. Standard business terminology can be used here, and you can avoid the softer language of the sympathetic content.

Create a Feeling Through Your Lawyer Advertising Language

It’s really all about tone and vocabulary. The words you choose and how you present your message are ways to connect to your clients’ emotions. Advertising is all about sparking a certain feeling in your potential client. In the case of convincing your ideal client that they need to hire an attorney (and that attorney should be you), you need to first convince them they will benefit from legal counsel, and they should be considering you as their first choice.

Convincing them that they need a lawyer is the more challenging goal of your legal marketing. Many clients are reluctant to spend the money on an attorney, so your legal advertising language needs to reassure them that you’re only out for their best interests. Once you’ve established that feeling of trust, the second half of the goal is convincing them you’re their best choice. This is fairly simple. They already trust your advice that they need legal help – why not you?


Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.

Most attorneys start their firms assuming that being a really, really good attorney should, in and of itself, be a marketing advantage. Those attorneys believe that joining a whole bunch of committees and putting their name in lawyer directories is “marketing,” and they never bother to ask if there is a better way.

Attorneys are catching on, however, and those who succeed learn to leverage their current resources to create effective (and ethical) marketing. What they discover isn’t a magic pill or silver bullet but a different approach to marketing that your competitors haven’t considered.

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by Ben Glass

Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.


  • Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.