The Damning Truth About “SEO” Revealed... Market-tested wisdom on what makes Google happy (to your benefit)... Plus, the #1 piece of advice you MUST hear about online marketing before you spend another dime or dollar on any services! 

Your Next Five Years of Digital Marketing... What to Do, When to Do It, and How to Make Your Online Marketing Campaigns Work Wonders in Attracting and Converting New Clients!

The moment you launched your website, you started receiving emails from the faceless men and women from the dark world of SEO. There are countless consultants, services, and programs that promise to fix the problems with your website, and they tell you that they can fix those problems with just a few clicks. 

And it’s not all emails from India. Your peers are using website companies, SEO tools, and paid ads programs, and they are paying thousands of dollars a month. 

SEO seems like a black hole because that is what SEO providers want. I’ll tell you what everyone inside the industry knows: SEO is a make-believe profession!

Yes, you read that right...

SEO is a make-believe profession. 

Now, before you go too far with what I just said, let me also be clear about the following:

Your website’s SEO performance is real.

Without good organic search traffic, you can’t compete in the digital world. Yes, there are test cases of people getting by with just paid advertising, and those are important, but you can’t ignore the profound opportunity of search traffic.

However, SEO “experts” are just people who listen to what Google tells them so they can regurgitate the information to their clients.

Which leads me to the biggest question Great Legal Marketing members ask about SEO and websites: What do these “SEO experts” really do? 

Unmasking the Real SEO Villain

Those people selling SEO or paid ad programs aren’t evil. They are giving you exactly what you want. An easy, automated, one-time fix that will suddenly turn around your struggling law firm website and transform your online properties into client-generating machines.

The dream of an instantly high-performing website keeps you chasing one solution after the other. We sometimes call this the shiny object syndrome, but I’m going to call it The One Ring syndrome.

Remember Lord of the Rings? Books or movies. Your choice.

There was the One Ring to bind all the others under its command. And we all want there to be a unifying ring under which we can stash all our online marketing. Just one place – idea, piece of software, etc. – that will give us guaranteed, lasting success. Starting to sound like a pipe dream? You get it.

Everyone is chasing the elusive all-in-one solution. 

The one program, software, application that will take care of all your needs. The ideal attorney software will: 

  • Automate lead generation to attract qualified prospective clients who would just love to hire you and will be worth big money – practically doubling the potential client pool for your practice!
  • Create high performing ads, log your expenses, and show you a clear ROI when you review your campaign (so you just reinvest in the best ads and get rid of the losers)
  • Automatically logs all the information from your incoming phone calls and web forms, so you know how many leads you are getting and how often they convert to clients
  • Show you a clear pipeline of lead to client and from client to former client, so you can master your cash flow just by looking at a single dashboard
  • Send automated emails at critical stages in your case process (review requests, invitations to record testimonials, case updates)
  • Create systems in your case management system, so you know the status of every case in your office and what needs your attention
  • Document all your referral sources and referral partners and tell you exactly how much money you can expect from referral fees in the next 12 months
  • Tell you exactly what to invest in (and what you shouldn’t) by making recommendations based on the current state of online marketing. 

This list of systems and features isn’t a “nice to have” option, you need all this if you want to run a successful, thriving practice in the digital age. I’m sure many of you have bought programs that promise to deliver on one or more of the points above, but for one reason or another, the “solution” failed to deliver.

But it is not the digital solutions salespeople who can save you. 

The dream of having an all-in-one solution for your law firms’ digital properties is the Secret Obstacle to actual implementation and productivity. You want something that doesn’t exist, so you end up with little pieces here and there, instead of a dominant digital strategy that defines how you use software and service providers. You must BEGIN WITH THE MASTER MARKETING STRATEGY.

In truth, you can turn your law firm’s website into a trackable, high-converting, client generating machine with tools like Google Ads, Yoast, Moz, LawLytics, Needles, Practice Panther, Clio, Screaming Frog, SEM Rush, Data Studio, Infusionsoft, Mail Chimp, Turtle Diver (I made that last one up, but after a while, all the names sound silly), and many others. 

The technology is available to piece together.

You are probably using one of the programs above, or one of the countless others, and are not seeing good results. After a time, the monthly fee is just another charge on your credit card and not an investment. 

But what if the technology doesn’t matter? 

Do You Know Why Most of the “Digital Solutions” Haven’t Worked for You as Expected (or as Promised by a Vendor)?

We’ve been preaching effective, ethical marketing since 2006, way before digital marketing completely took over marketing as a whole. Our core principles haven’t changed since we began, because the core principles that we have taught thousands of attorneys have remained effective, even after global marketing scandals like Cambridge Analytica or Google’s core algorithm updates. 

The big secret isn’t some special sauce or some “plug-n-play” program that brings all our systems together. 

Instead, our big secret is this: giving our potential clients what they need, and nothing that they don’t. 

Seems simple, right?

In the era of infinite online possibilities for your marketing, it’s easy to mistake the format you use for the marketing itself.

For example, Facebook Ads aren’t marketing.

That’s a media format.

It’s an activity you can do in order to put your marketing out there. However, the marketing itself is driven by your ability to do the following: 

  • Identify your ideal client with specific information about their needs, wants, fear, hopes, and secret desires.
  • Craft a message that heals their pain, destroys their obstacles, and gives them the brightest future possible.
  • Put the message you crafted in front of the right people at the right time using the right media formats. 

If Facebook Ads happen to be the right media format, great! But it’s more than just posting some ads on the site. You need to do so with tremendous intent and purpose. Your message must grab their attention and force them to read. It can’t be cookie-cutter. If you find yourself looking and sounding like other lawyers in your community, then you are only competing on their level – and you will have the impossible task of sticking out when everyone seems the same.

We forget about these principles of marketing with online marketing, because so much of the discussion revolves around the technology and not the messaging. It’s more about the choice of Google or Facebook rather than the choice of webinar offer versus direct phone call.

Marketing is bigger than the media you choose.

Of course, with online marketing, the biggest media you can choose is your website... 

The Right Way to Develop and Design a Winning Website

Right now, your website was likely designed by a committee. Your web developer created a website, several people in your office reviewed and offered their feedback, your web developer encouraged some changes and discouraged others, and then your website was launched.

And then… well…

How is your website doing?

Do you know? If not, does your web developer know? How about your marketing employees? Can they tell you how many times your website converted a client? 

If you are like the hundreds of other attorneys we’ve talked to, you are not sure.

Despite all of the tools you have purchased, nothing seems to give you the information you need, and no one seems to know why.

Really, you probably have all the tech you need to track your law firm thoroughly. The problem with looking at spreadsheets of numbers and metrics is that there is so much there can dazzle or disappoint you.

The problem is a gap in knowledge – the divide between what you know and what the online marketers are telling you they know on your behalf.

In between that gap is where problems arise...

Your marketing director or website administrator is enthusiastically reporting unique views or a low bounce rate, and all the while they don’t know those numbers don’t matter. (Bounce rate isn’t even used in Google’s Algorithm. Honestly, look that up.) 

Your Google Ads team tells you their ads are working because you are getting a lot of calls, but you haven’t signed any new cases that weren’t referred directly to you.

You are sending callers to a trusted referral source, but you don’t know if they’ve accepted any new cases from your callers. You can get the answer after a quick email, but you don’t know if any of those cases will generate referral fees for your law firm. 

All of these problems have simple, straightforward solutions. The key to getting there is understanding the major truth underlying digital marketing. If only your employees and service providers spoke your language, or if you spoke their language and understood all what all of this stuff means.

Communication is key, as any article on relationships will tell you. Too often, your marketing directors and SEO providers are speaking a language that isn’t easy to understand, and they put forth numbers that look good on paper but don’t translate into cases and revenue for your firm.

You can close this gap by asking the right questions, learning the meaning behind the crazy tech lingo, and utilizing the right strategies in your digital marketing. 

The 5 Biggest Digital Roadblocks Holding You Back Right Now

I’m going to dispel the biggest myths in digital marketing. These are things you have probably thought time and time again, and these myths aren’t just minor misconceptions, they are costing you hundreds, and maybe thousands, of dollars a month.

#1) “My Website Can’t Compete with Nolo or Legal Zoom”

While it is hard to climb to page one of Google for any SEO term, it really isn’t impossible to rank your website, even when you are up against the 1000 lbs gorillas. This defeatist mindset only guarantees that your website will underperform. Google actually knows how much effort you put into your website, and that is used in the rankings.

#2) “My Peers Have Tried Digital Marketing Solutions, and They Say it is Not Worth the Money”

Your attorney peers are not-unlike the thousands of other attorneys out there; they made an investment that solved only half of their problems. They may have purchased a program like LawLytics, but they didn’t learn anything new. Or, they invested in Google Ads only to have their office bombarded with spam calls. Their critical failing was only implementing their new system halfway, and not letting real data guide their decisions.

#3) “My Website Looks Great! I Don’t Need to Make Any Changes!”

If this thought has run through your head at any point while reading, then you are probably missing the bigger picture of how clients interact with websites. It is the classic trap of “form over function,” and you are losing potential clients because of a desire make your brand look “professional and modern.”

#4) “Most of My Clients Come from Referrals, So I Don’t Need to Do as Much Online Marketing”

There is subset of lawyers who rely almost exclusively on referrals.

Honestly, a good law firm should have a solid base of referrals going to them. Actually, we openly encourage this behavior among members of Great Legal Marketing! Yes, online marketing is immensely important, but its equal partner is the referral.

The trouble comes when this is used as an excuse to not wade as deep into the waters of online marketing. SEO work gets kicked down the road. Why spend money on paid online ads when they seem so financially inefficient compared to referrals? We get it... those are normal thoughts.

However, you don’t want to wake up like several members who found a referral source suddenly dried, such as a lawyer retiring, leaving them with 20% fewer clients and no immediate way to bring in that business.  

#5) “Digital Marketing Seems Like a Bottomless Money Pit”

No doubt, digital marketing solutions comes with a premium. An SEO program will cost you upwards of $20,000 a year from one of the major providers, and you may not even use all the tools that service provides you.

However, if you knew exactly how to use these tools, every piece of your online marketing arsenal would have a positive ROI (except for maybe your Pinterest marketing, some programs have no hope generating revenue for your firm).

You don’t need more digital marketing; you need smarter digital marketing. And by smarter, I don’t even mean you need to install an expensive machine learning program to find the marketing and client data that is buried in your practice management program or Google Analytics account. 

The Secrets Behind Real Results

After several years of weathering major Google storms, doubling high-quality web traffic, building out our most sophisticated marketing systems, and exceeding every metric set before the marketing team, it was time to put the whole system “on record.”

From nearly 15 hours of discussions about the entire soup-to-nuts online marketing strategy, a brand-new program for lawyers and law firm marketing directors was created: 

Dominate Digital: The Law Firm's Arcane Compendium to Dangerously Effective Online Marketing

Dominate Digital is Great Legal Marketing’s system for all things online marketing and SEO. The best part of their systems is that they are built to work, no matter what web provider you use or what practice area you are in.  

What you won’t hear in Dominate Digital is how “video is the new wave in social media” or how “parallax scrolling engages your potential clients.”

This is not a program about pumping up fad strategies.

It is what has worked for over a decade and all the real-life tactics used to both incrementally and rapidly grow both the BenGlassLaw website and the websites of countless GLM members.

We have been “in the trenches” on digital marketing for a long time, and we aren’t here to sell you a website or any services.

That is our secret behind the success...

Our only interest is showing you what actually works. There is no hidden agenda of us handling your ad account. Just pure, raw training and education to send your online marketing to its highest potential (and we will teach you what to look for in vendors for your website as well).

Dominate Digital is designed for only law firms. Your law firm isn’t a local bakery or nail salon, and your digital marketing shouldn’t be based on a template made for some other industry.

Just to give you a sample of what you find within: 

  • How to know where every client (and every lead) comes from
  • Why your website is under-performing and what you can do to fix it
  • What you should be telling your web developer (and how to understand what they are saying)
  • The small tweaks you can make that will finally make Google ads profitable
  • How to effectively use all media types to create powerful online conversion tools
  • How BenGlassLaw “pre-sells” clients using online video (we signed several cases after potential clients watched a one-hour webinar)
  • The hidden settings in your google ads account that are draining your daily budget
  • How you can track print advertisements with digital tools
  • How to create a content plan and write articles that actually get views
  • Assign a dollar value to your phone calls and predict how we your marketing is working… all with a simple, free tool
  • Everything you need to do to optimize your local business profiles
  • The simple $5-a-day Facebook campaign that converts people who are browsing your website
  • Answers to your big questions about online search and the future of your website
  • How to link all your web content to create a “conversion chain” on your website
  • How to link everything, from book downloads to online chat, and discover how your best leads are finding you 

We are offering Dominate Digital at a special price for Great Legal Marketing members. The contents of Dominate Digital aren’t shared outside of our membership, making this the one-and-only online marketing guide based on our core practices and marketing principles that have helped thousands of attorneys make their law firms profitable.

With your purchase of Dominate Digital, you will also receive THREE member-exclusive bonuses, including: 

  • Volume 1 of the Special Collection of Internet Marketing Reports, featuring over 25 editions of the newsletter. (VALUE $997)
  • Tifiny's "Now This is How You Do Facebook" archived and never-seen-before teaching modules on creating a successful Facebook page, including how to set up your own Facebook advertising campaign. (VALUE $297)
  • The Little Black Book of Software from Tifiny and Charley, featuring dozens of recommended software programs worth investigating and integrating into your law firm. (VALUE $97)

The best part of Dominate Digital is that it is all you need to know in one complete package. In just one hour, you will learn how to make your current digital marketing programs profitable and save you from the big mistakes many attorneys make.

Dominate Digital is also the very best online marketing teaching tool for your in-house marketing director, who SHOULD fully know and understand the principles we outline here.