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If you want to know how law firm owners achieve 2-5X practice growth while finding more time to pursue their ideal lives, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

The most trusted practice growth event for renegade law firm owners brings you EXPERTS sharing their trade secrets, TOOLS to apply to your practice’s growth, and COACHING for clarity and inspiration to achieve even your most outrageous goals with your law firm.

Join your high-performing peers and build your perfect practice in the high-energy culture center of NASHVILLE during two breakthrough-producing days on October 28-29, 2022…

"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."
- Steve Jobs

Dear Fellow Attorney,

No force is greater than an energized, inspired, and motivated BUSINESS OWNER!

You are this person – this FORCE – as a LAW FIRM OWNER.

Job creator, community leader, servant to clients, leader of your family, and innovator for the future of the profession…

There aren’t many people who “get it”
– who understand all you do.

Some view you as just the business owner, getting away with a perceived king’s ransom. They see the business owner’s life as made in the shade as if you are golfing every morning and jet-setting every night.

They don’t see the HUSTLE or the difficult choices.

They don’t see us picking up the slack when the going gets tough because it’s our name on the door. They aren’t there for the sleepless nights. And they definitely don’t know what it was like when you were agonizing over the toughest possible choices during the last two years of economic upheaval.

Then there are those who see the lawyer side… and the associations they make are not always in our favor.

Of course, those folks don’t see you bend over backwards to make it right for your clients. They aren’t there when you lose a trial and beat yourself up for it every night for weeks. You don’t get to walk away with neat and tidy results whipped up by a television writer and broadcast on a major network. They aren’t around for the endless hours to get the filing or planning just right.

So, let me be abundantly clear…


And it’s time to build a life you deserve as one of the innovators and creators of your community.

Every year, I look forward to supporting business owners just like you…

Because I know how the money actually gets spent

  • Supporting local and national causes.
  • Employing moms, dads, recent graduates, adult children caring for their parents, newlyweds, those searching for a place and purpose in their career, and more.
  • Educating yourself and your team on how to better serve your clients.
  • Testing new systems, finding new opportunities, and creating new jobs.
  • Failing over and over again to find the success most will never realize.

Now, it’s time to…

Be Where Your Ambition is Supported and Celebrated

A collection of images from the Great Legal Marketing Summit

I want you to live an even bigger life than me.

I’m not kidding when I make that statement, because I believe in abundance. It’s why I will stand up on the stage and tell exactly what I’m doing to succeed. There’s no holding back.

It wasn’t always this way for me when I started my law firm…

Back in 1995, there wasn’t this kind of event. There weren’t law firm owners coaching other law firm owners on how to buck the status quo. Frankly, even today most of the events out there focus more on the limitations than the possibilities in growing your law firm.

I remember one particular CLE…

It was a state bar event. Earlier in the year, I received a letter – much like this one – inviting me to an event put on by Dan Kennedy. For a reason I can no longer conjure up, I decided to go to the local CLE. After all, it was closer… easier… less expensive… and surely it would feature ways for me to grow. (You’re already laughing at past me, I’m sure.)

Yet, in the room where I sat, the message was one of waiting your turn.

“Just do good work. Serve your clients, and they will refer people to you.”

Funny, that’s the same message I heard last year. And the year before that… While people nodded their heads, it was almost like no one had heard of the internet. No one was thinking about “lead generation.”

I realized…

I was in the wrong room.

At that moment, I nearly got up and raced to Ohio to be at Dan’s event. Probably should have. (Ended up in Ohio nearly 20 times in the following decade.)

Instead, I made a forward-facing resolution: I will be where ambition is treasured and where people think bigger than me.

For me, it meant getting away from other lawyers, because the spaces for lawyers were filled with limited thinking. Fortunately, today there is an event like the Heroes and Icons Summit. You can be with law firm owners like yourself who think different… who challenge the status quo… and who see the future as brighter than the present.

The last trait is hard to find – seeing a bright future.

With all the pundits and naysayers shouting on television and radio, you’d think civilization went and died already. Like there is no hope and our best days as humanity are behind us.

Isn’t that a sad way to think?

Again, I believe your future can be even brighter than my own. And I happen to see my future as extraordinarily bright, even as I near the age others earmark for retirement. Me? I’m just getting started.

What if…

You don’t need to “wait your turn” or just shove your nose to the grindstone for clients.

You can simultaneously grow your wealth and provide a space for employees to grow themselves professionally, for clients to secure better futures, and for your community to find inspiration.

You are needed more than ever.

I want to explode your influence and prosperity in order to create thriving local communities.

The best part is…

There is no “trade-off” for prosperity to happen.

You prosper as your community prospers.

The 2022 Heroes and Icons Summit!

TRIED, TESTED, AND TRUE Meets Cutting Edge... Where Law Firms Like Yours PUT ROCKET FUEL into Their Revenue and Profit Growth!

  • A must-attend hour-long session on how to produce 2-3X HIGHER results from all the marketing you create!
  • The selling points behind the most successful products and
    e-commerce platforms – and how to adopt these simple formulas in your marketing message
  • The breakdown of our custom referral system – unused by 98% of law firms but capable of generating five new referral relationships every month
  • 5 technologies every law firm needs to use (and our all-too-honest thoughts on which of the software providers out there are worth it)
  • How to put at least half of your marketing ON AUTOPILOT, including creating systems that remove you from any manual labor
  • A peek behind the curtain revealing the NINE LIES fed to law firm owners about marketing and management (an open and honest discussion you won’t hear anywhere else)
  • How the largest ride-sharing company in the world reversed damage to their brand, and what you need to know to avoid making the same mistakes
  • 7 video marketing tactics that actually work (by using the right video in the right place)
  • Why the “just figure it out” approach for intake staff is so powerful… and how it is slowly killing local restaurants that make the wrong decision (the same problem happens every day in law firms!)
  • What every law firm owner (and success-seeker) needs to know about Mutual Improvement Societies – including how to use the concept in your own law firm both for your team and to build better relationships outside the practice
  • The major financial and marketing metrics you need to monitor
  • Why essential oils are all the proof you need to implement four powerful marketing concepts in all of your online and offline marketing
  • Three HUGE marketing and client service ideas buried in a shareholder report of a Trillion-Dollar company (it’s the one shows up on your doorstep way too often during the month)
  • Psychology secrets behind MAJOR online clothing retailers and the “first purchase” acquisition strategy you can use in your law firm that gets customers locked into their brands
  • How to build the VISION for your law firm… and actually make it your vision, not the one sold to you by the “cult of entrepreneurship”
  • Why boring, ole market research is your hidden best friend and how to use it
  • Decoding who to hire and when (by following a mathematical calculation to help boost profits and keep you on a growth track)
  • Advice from a Super Bowl champion quarterback and the powerful way he (and other titans of their professions) approached big moments in his career
  • The critical business decisions made by the best-known tattoo artist of all time (who actually turned down going to Yale) and how he went from setting up his first shop to being the center of a nine-figure, worldwide brand
  • … this is a long list already, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say PLUS MUCH MORE!


Member Tickets

  • Year-Long Access to the INNOVATION LAB (Bundles Avaliablity Determined by Your Registration Date)
  • Intention-Setting Journal to Build your Launch Plans
  • Free edition of the Innovator’s Handbook
  • Discounted Guest Tickets
  • Cocktail Hour Networking Session
  • Speaker Meet and Greets
  • Priority Check-in
  • Special Pre-event Bonus Session


  • Year-Long Access to the INNOVATION LAB (Bundles Avaliablity Determined by Your Registration Date)
  • Intention-Setting Journal to Build your Launch Plans
  • Free edition of the Innovator’s Handbook
  • Discounted Guest Tickets
  • Cocktail Hour Networking Session
  • Speaker Meet and Greets

Leading Speakers, Experts, Authors, and Coaches Come Together for YOU

Jimmy DiResta

Co-creator of Making Fun on Netflix, star of programs on HGTV, Discovery, and FX Network, featured on NBC’s Making It

Imagine being given an outcome and a random assortment of materials to achieve the task with otherwise unlimited creative freedom…

For most, this “blank page” is paralyzing.

Jimmy DiResta is not most people.

He sees SOLUTIONS – and solutions most will never think of. This is the “MAKER’S MENTALITY” in action, and Jimmy’s nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers see it every week. (Along with his nearly 225,000 Instagram followers and the millions who have seen him across the many networks on which he has appeared.)

Within the maker community, Jimmy is highly regarded.

You can watch Jimmy take this skill and apply it to wild children’s inventions on his hit Netflix show, Making Fun, which spent weeks in the Top 10 on Netflix for kids’ show. (This happens to be one of the most competitive categories on the platform!)

Oh… On top of all this, Jimmy recently secured a large-scale distribution deal with Walmart for his flat-pack “Jimmy’s DIY Workshop” projects. Does that require some business chops? You’d better believe it.

This isn’t an ordinary business person or maker… Jimmy is a combination of both, and you will find his creator-focused mentality refreshing. He will show you how to improve your problem-solving skills and think like a maker in a special session you won’t see at any other law firm conference!

Ben Glass

Founder, BenGlassLaw and Founder, Great Legal Marketing

With 27 years of practice ownership under his belt and 15+ years coaching law firm owners, some might wonder what the “new” could be from Ben.

How about all of this, just from the last year?

  • Hit very aggressive “best ever” revenue and profit goals (that we said “OK, this sounds crazy” when we set them at an annual retreat two years ago)
  • Collected over $3 million in denied long term disability claims in 2021
  • Have over $33 million in future disability payments under management. All checks come to our office.
  • Removed myself completely from the handling of any personal injury matters while that ‘division’ hit record revenues and profits (yes, during COVID)
  • Completely eliminated the scheduling of any client appointments or calls before noon every day, with none scheduled to begin after 4 pm. (yes, they play by my rules)
  • Launched very effective direct mail campaign to “tribal leaders” of affluent doctor, lawyers and entrepreneurs to create a “niche within a niche” of long-term disability claims
  • Created a new stream of referrals for cases and online reviews through the formal launch of our campaign
  • Able to referee high school boys and girls soccer, spring and fall, often leaving the office at 4 p.m
  • Celebrated 40 years of marriage to my best friend in summer 2021
  • Had more mini vacations with Sandi (and without kiddos) than ever before
  • Sold one-half of the law firm to my son
  • Appeared in more of other people’s podcasts than any other lawyer in Virginia (and then figure out how to leverage that in my marketing)
  • Published YOU, a Teenage Soccer Referee (, a book that had been running around in my head for the last five years

This kind of productivity and vision doesn’t happen by accident. You can see how this outcome was ENGINEERED and executed on, including the payoff of planning done three years ago!

Charley Mann

President and Lead Coach, Great Legal Marketing

Did you read the lab reports in this letter? Those are law firm owners coached by Charley as private clients and through the Accelerated programs. Charley is the coaching backbone for rapidly growing firms across the country. He helps firm owners realize and live their best lives through building a high-profit, low-maintenance law firm.

Clients of Charley’s have accomplished the following:

  • Launching a brand-new law firm after separating from a law partner… and then DOUBLING his personal income compared to the old practice in just 12 months!
  • Scaling from $1.4 million to over $3 million per year in revenue while dropping the legal work burden on the owner in half
  • Purchased office space to accommodate a team doubling in size while making a financial investment with tax advantages for the owner (which will likely add up to six figures in realized take-home cash over the next five years with larger payouts in the future)
  • Hit a first-quarter revenue number that DOUBLED his previous first quarter from 2021 in a criminal defense firm
  • Added “only” 16% revenue… but every penny was in profit
  • Countless new hires, productivity upgrades, personal life problems navigated, and more (there is, after all, limited space in this letter!)

Seth Price

Owner, Price Benowitz LLP and Founder, BluShark Digital

Seth Price is a founding partner of Price Benowitz LLP and the firm’s business backbone. Seth is committed to a firm that provides excellent representation and exceptional customer service, a business formula that has seen Price Benowitz grow from two attorneys to more than forty.

As a true innovator, when Seth wanted to upgrade his law firm’s digital marketing, he built his own in-house marketing team. Then, when other lawyers saw was Seth accomplished, he expanded to start serving other law firm owners through BluShark Digital, a full-service web development and marketing firm focused on professional practices.

Want to see the “secret sauce” behind his success as a firm owner and the success of BluShark’s clients? Seth has a one-of-a-kind presentation ready for attendees of the Heroes and Icons Summit!

Brooke Lively

President and Founder, Cathedral Capital

Brooke specializes in helping entrepreneurs turn their companies into profitable businesses by working with closely held companies with revenues up to 10 million dollars.

Prior to consulting, Brooke was the full-charge administrator for a seven-figure small law firm which she helped to build from the ground up. She also serves as a Receiver in Texas with a special interest in family owned and operated companies and other assets in dispute.

Her 6 Key Numbers book series which includes, 6 Key Numbers® Every Entrepreneur Should Know and 6 Key Numbers Every Psychologist Should Know is soon to the followed by an edition for Attorneys.

Before entering the legal industry, she covered a wide range of public companies as an Equity Analyst with Lindus Advisors. She worked with Prides Capital and Bain Consulting where she gained corporate finance experience by working on a restructuring project taking a company private.

What does this add up to for you? You will receive a world-class education on the realities of law firm finances… and how to better use your money to make more money!

Dr. Aaron Wenzel

Owner, Brentwood MD

Dr. Wenzel is on the forefront of small concierge medicine practices, catering to affluent individuals who place just as much value in their health as their wealth.

The practice keeps a limited number of patients who pay a membership fee for high-level access to Dr. Wenzel. After seeing how broken the current healthcare model is, he almost walked away from medicine in his second year of residency. Fortunately for his patients, he stayed in the field and decided to pioneer a new way of personal care.

Unlike many healthcare providers, Dr. Wenzel helps his patients be proactive in developing their health. He helps patients understand their hormones, advocates for intermittent fasting, and regularly publishes content on mental health. You can already tell this isn’t your “normal” experience. (And you may even wish that Dr. Wenzel was located near you!)

Attendees of the Summit will learn from Dr. Wenzel how he built a HIGH-PROFIT, small practice based entirely around how he wants to practice for a specific group of people.

His practice is a perfect demonstration of “building the right business FOR YOU!”

Alex Valencia

President and Co-owner, We Do Web Content

Alex’s story winds through acting in two direct-to-video movies, appearing in a Pepsi commercial, and getting laid off from his Citibank account executive gig in 2008, to following his superstar entrepreneur wife, Yvette, down the “web content” rabbithole and ultimately running We Do Web Content as it grew from a two-person operation into one of the most sought-after content marketing agencies in the country for lawyers! How’s that for a lot of life packed into a single sentence?!

Alex’s expertise in both the “hustle of business” and the difficulties of staying competitive in a crowded online marketplace are the ultimate one-two punch. Law firm owners are regularly blown away by the new and novel strategies employed by We Do Web Content to help their clients rank.

Most importantly, Alex has been in the content game for nearly a decade and a half, meaning he’s seen the evolution of content strategy. This gives Alex special insight into where Google is going next, because he knows where it came from. (Anyone else remember the offsite blog-building years of 2006-2011?) If you want practical formulas on how to grow your web presence, Alex is your guy, and he is at this year’s Summit with the We Do Web Content team to assist you!

Craig Goldenfarb

Owner, Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A.

Running an eight-figure law firm requires serious entrepreneurial chops, and Craig has those in spades. Plus, he happens to be an excellent personal injury lawyer overseeing the strategic outcomes of clients served by his 10+ lawyers.

Craig is also the founder of Hoops4Heroes 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, hosted annually in the spring, to raise donations for local veterans in need. Also, he is the founder of a number of charitable causes including the Emanuel McMiller Scholarship for Higher Education, which offers grants to low-income high school students to pay for the costs of going to college.

And just when you thought that was enough bonafides…

“But wait, there’s more…”

Craig also founded a non-profit, Heart of the Game, Inc., whose mission is to save the lives of student athletes and others who experience Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) by providing free Automated External Defibrillators (AED) to community and athletic associations across the United States.

How do you build a practice like his, found multiple charities, and still find time for your family (plus playing soccer and tennis regularly)? You’ll have to find out directly from the man himself during Craig’s special session at the Summit!

Richard James

Founder, Your Practice Mastered

Richard got into consulting for law firms… on a dare! He dared a friend that he could help him build a thriving, multi-million-dollar practice. Within 2.5 years, he took the firm from $0 to $3.5 million in revenue.

Richard specializes in teaching lawyers how to close more appointments into clients. He can show you how to take a prospect and quickly turn them into a signed-on-the-dotted-line client… something we all want lawyers working in our practices to do more!

Additionally, Richard hosts the Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation podcast and inspires other entrepreneurs (including his family!) across the country.

Liel Levy

Founder, Nanato Media

You need to know these facts:

  • “Latinos start more businesses per capita than any other racial or ethnic group in the United States.” (Source: McKinsey & Company)
  • “Hispanic-Americans are doing much better than their parents when it comes to income mobility.” (CNN Business)
  • “Some 45% of Hispanics who grew up in the lowest income quintile made it to the middle class or even higher.” (CNN Business)
  • “Hispanic American Incomes Are Rising Faster Than Anybody Else’s” (Bloomberg headline)

What does this all add up to? … It is one of the biggest opportunities for law firms searching to serve more middle- to upper-class families. With growing wages and rates of entrepreneurship, the Hispanic-American market probably looks a lot like your ideal client.

The problem is most law firms don’t know how to build bridges to these communities. They see it strictly as an economic outcome, instead of a relationship to nurture and invest in. Don’t get me wrong, you can make money. But the logistics are different than many of your other audiences, including statistics on how likely Hispanic-Americans are to click on digital ads (it’s a lot higher than White audiences) and the referral relationships (strong community ties mean more work to break in but long-lasting benefits to doing so).

Liel is a MASTER of helping law firm owners speak directly to this booming and prospering audience. Let him guide you to your next million-dollar opportunity at the Summit!

Your Fellow Attendees!

Law Firm Owners across the country

Few other resources are as valuable as a group of ambitious peers. Spending time with naysayers allows negativity to cloud your mind. Of course, the reverse is equally true. When you spend time – even a limited amount – with other positive, entrepreneur types, it improves your mood and productivity.

I’m proud to say that the solo and small firm attorneys who attend the Summit are THE BEST. This isn’t a guess, either. Vendors at the event report every year that Summit attendees are the best action-takers they’ve ever worked with! And attendees rave every year about the immense amount of positivity permeating the space.

Tremendous credit goes to the members and returning attendees who are there every year.

They keep the place energized and are eager to meet new attorneys who share their passion for building a law practice as an entrepreneur.

Event Dates & Venue

Heroes & Icons Summit



Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, TN

2100 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203

Room BlocksAvailable!

We have room blocks at The Loews Vanderbilt Hotel available to you for a discounted rate!

Call 800-336-3335 and mention The Heroes and Icons Summit to make or change your reservation.

Why Attorneys Keep Coming Back to the Heroes and Icons Summit

The Biggest, BOLDEST Guarantee You’ve Ever Seen

If you don’t get at least $500,000 in obvious value for your law firm, you are entitled to a complete refund for the event PLUS $500 in documented travel expenses and a $500 check to a spouse/significant other/family member (to compensate them for the time you were away). This refund is available until the conclusion of the 2022 Heroes and Icons Innovation Summit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Change is a necessary part of growth. The Great Legal Marketing Summit has been in Arlington, VA for over 8 years, and we thought the time was right to change the venue.

The Summit itself is two days, but Accelerated members will join the Great Legal Marketing team two days before the Summit for the quarterly Accelerated meetings.

The Summit will take place at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, TN. We recommend that you stay at the Lowes Vanderbilt, and you can get discounted rooms for the event by using the booking link. The Nashville International Airport is the closest airport to the hotel and the Summit.

We encourage attorneys and law firm owners to bring guests to the Summit. Guests must be W2 or 1099 employees or family members. You can purchase guest tickets at checkout, and you can add additional guest tickets anytime leading up to the Summit.

The 2022 Summit is focused on INNOVATION. Come to the Summit to get all the latest and greatest from the Great Legal Marketing team and our amazing speakers.

The REAL Reasons You Wouldn’t Attend This Event...
(and Why None of these Reasons Are Real)

"I’ve been to many lawyer conferences in the last 12 months. How is the Heroes and Icons Summit different?"

As a practicing attorney, I’ve been to many of the same lawyer conferences as you. And I don’t just attend legal conferences either; I’m a regular at business and marketing conferences for lawyers, IT professionals, and other entrepreneurs. Every conference I attend has some value, even if I’m learning strategies outside the legal industry.

At the Summit, the Great Legal Marketing team brings together the best from ALL business and marketing conferences and homes in on what will work for attorneys and law firms. That means we don’t limit our speakers to talk about “traditional” or common legal marketing tactics. Instead, we work to bring you a stellar lineup of experts who will challenge you to think outside the box. You’ll hear about strategies that are brand-new right now, but in a few years will become the standard in law firm marketing. You’ll hear those marketing ideas first at the 2022 Summit.

"Will my competitors be in attendance? I don’t want to use the same ideas as attorneys I’m competing with.”

The 2022 Heroes and Icons Summit is open to any attorney who wishes to come. That could mean someone you compete with is in attendance, but those odds are probably slim. Even so, our Heroes and Icons Summit attracts attorneys who are ready to break through (and many do after attending our event). The attorneys who take the strategies at the Summit, implement them in their practices and see great results are a hard-working bunch who don’t let challenges stand in their way.

I’ve always opened up everything I do to any lawyer who wants to see “under the hood.” Yes, that includes direct competitors to my own law firm, BenGlassLaw. At the 2022 Summit, I will be speaking from stage and teaching the very same law firms that are trying to best my law firm and reach clients before I can. That has never held me back from doing what I do and having a successful practice, and it shouldn’t hold you back either.

The reality is that most lawyers won’t work as hard as you and I do. Even if they do, they will have a different flavor of marketing that attracts a different type of client, making them more allies than competitors.

"My potential clients are too sophisticated for most marketing strategies."

The sentence isn’t formed as a question, but it is an inquiry of sorts. Typically, this question is asked by an attorney who is brand-new to GLM’s style of marketing. They attend one of our events or take one of our courses and before they can implement what they learned, they come to me or one of my team members and tell us their clientele is “too smart” or “too sophisticated” for our marketing tactics to work on them.

First, our marketing keys in on the “shortcuts” the human mind uses when making a decision. These mental shortcuts are used by ALL, from the college-educated to the high-school dropout. We break down how to tap into these heuristics and use our tactics to get people to convert.

Second, (this is where I explain why the above is a question though it isn’t formed as one) when attorneys first discover Great Legal Marketing they are amazed by how common sense our strategies are, even our ‘revolutionary’ ideas that have generated 5 or 6-figure returns. After discovering GLM strategies, the lizard brain has one last spasm of doubt before finally understanding and embracing what we teach (with fantastic results).

So, no, your clients aren’t too sophisticated for GLM-style marketing and business development. The only time I might concede that our marketing is not sophisticated enough is if your target clients are literal royalty, but even then I could point to the purchases of old-world money and demonstrate how our marketing will work on the most “sophisticated” human beings of the world.

"My marketing is actually pretty great. I’m getting all the leads I need, so why should I attend the Great Legal Marketing Summit?”

Though Great Legal Marketing got our start doing marketing consulting for attorneys, what we teach has evolved. Our membership, events, and coaching revolves around how we can improve the lives of law firm owners.

What we teach at the Summit includes a rainbow of concepts, including marketing, staff and culture management, law firm finances, new law firm technology, case processing… plus much more! No matter where you are in your practice growth journey, you will discover something to help propel your firm to the next level.

This is what sets the Great Legal Marketing Summit apart from traditional lawyer events. Other events have a kind of ‘tunnel vision’ that prevents them from seeing the bigger picture of what happens in a practice. Marketing events teach marketing, lawyer events teach case processing, and financial events (do they even have those?) teach finances. Of course, we believe that law firms need a healthy dose of ALL these topics to thrive, and we’ve put together speakers and presentations tailored to help you reach your goals.

"My law partner/spouse/friend thinks the event is too expensive and doesn’t want to attend?"

We get it. Leaving dropping everything to fly to Nashville, TN to attend a practice-growth event is a hard pill to swallow for most people. It may be easy for you to understand why you should attend our event, but it is hard to explain the big “why” to a law partner or a spouse.

However, after learning and implementing our strategies, your significant other is likely to thank you for attending! The same spouses and partners who say, “I don’t think this event will help,” change their tune after the event is through. We’ve even gotten letters from friends and family of the attorney saying, “Thank you for helping my husband get home every night to go to soccer practices and dance recitals. He’s no longer in the office on weekends. He doesn’t spend his time at home stressing out about work. Thank you.”

"My schedule is tight. I’m not sure I can make time and there are so many other events this year. What should I do?”

Let’s be real for a second. ALL events are going to tell you that you should attend their event if you don’t attend any others. There’s a lot of competition for your attention, and you probably don’t have the time to stop and pay attention to every company that tries to flag you down.

What I can say for sure is that you MUST go beyond your comfort zone in 2022. A lot of law firms are still struggling to recover from the immense slow-downs of 2020, and the only way to guarantee your practice won’t continue to stagnate in 2022 is by doing something. That could be attending our event or some other attorney event. No matter what, taking action is a requirement.

And, sure, I will guarantee that you will get more value from our event than you will at other attorney events. The 2022 Summit is built for practicing attorneys BY practicing attorneys, and we know what your struggles are and what you need to overcome. If our event isn’t 100% perfect for you, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee AND we will reimburse you for $500 in documented travel expenses AND $500 to your significant other for the time you spent away from home. That reduces the risk of attending down to zero, so you’ll have to register and find out the rest for yourself!


Member Tickets

  • Year-Long Access to the INNOVATION LAB (Bundles Avaliablity Determined by Your Registration Date)
  • Intention-Setting Journal to Build your Launch Plans
  • Free edition of the Innovator’s Handbook
  • Exclusive Members-Only Gift
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  • Discounted Guest Tickets
  • Member Rates for Hotel Rooms
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  • Year-Long Access to the INNOVATION LAB (Bundles Avaliablity Determined by Your Registration Date)
  • Intention-Setting Journal to Build your Launch Plans
  • Free edition of the Innovator’s Handbook
  • Exclusive Members-Only Gift
  • FREE ACCESS to the 3I Follow-Up Event
  • Discounted Guest Tickets
  • Member Rates for Hotel Rooms
  • Cocktail Hour Networking Session
  • Speaker Meet and Greets

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