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Why Aren’t More Lawyers Both Happy and Successful?

Have You Ever Been Frustrated That Being a Good Lawyer isn't Enough to Run a Great Law Firm?

Your instincts are right. Being a great lawyer and running a great practice often don’t use the same skills we learned in law school. Most of us entered the “owning a law firm” world with a few clients and big goals… but not enough business education to prepare us for the onslaught of decisions that need to be made.

Over time, we pick up a few skills from books, mentors, and other resources.

But these are usually tactics to get us out of one problem, not long-term solutions.

What I discovered in owning my law firm for 25 years and coaching over a thousand lawyers is that there are several unifying principles that, if followed, can propel small law firm owners to actually achieve those goals they first set out for themselves…

What You Will Discover in Just the First Few Chapters:

What a traveling soccer team tryout taught me... My #1 success tip discovered 50 years ago, revealed in print for the first time 

Personal productivity blueprint to TRIPLE how much you get done every week, leaving more time for family, hobbies, or however else you want to spend your hours!

The answer to the “lawyer wellness” problem... and it is NOT mindfulness meditation or mandatory continuing legal education

How investing in a stack of photocopied materials changed the trajectory of my life and saved my law practice

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Do you want to learn what they should have taught lawyers in law school about the business and marketing of law practice? One of the best decisions I’ve made in my practice was to learn from Ben Glass.

Abe Cardenas Immigration, Florida

Ben Glass has real common sense and proven ideas to improve and expand a law practice. Attorney and law firm marketing expert Ben Glass is the real deal, and he really wants each and ever attorney to succeed.

John Bledsoe Family Law, California

Ben Glass not only teaches, but is a practicing attorney who knows what we face on a day to day basis. Ben Glass has created an entire community of lawyers who are happy to share what they are doing in terms of marketing, law firm development & management, and life strategies.

Carol Cadiz Real Estate Law, Illinois

Since joining Ben's group, my income and law firm have more than tripled. I simply followed the basic steps and I started seeing results. Ben Glass continues to help me in these endeavors so I never have to recreate the wheel.

Michele Lewane Workers' Compensation, Virginia

Great ideas from a real life lawyer who practices what he preaches. If you want to learn how to provide value to your clients and your community, this is the book to read.

Walter Reaves Criminal Justice, Texas

Who is Ben Glass?

For over a decade, attorney Ben Glass has been teaching hundreds solo and small firm lawyers around the globe how to market ethically and effectively using education-based, direct response style marketing.

Ben continues to practice law at his own personal injury and ERISA long-term disability firm near Washington, D.C.

Ben is the author of 14 books and has gained national recognition for his ability to take marketing ideas that are working in other industries and ethically apply them to the legal field. 

Through Ben’s experience in testing various marketing techniques for his own firm, he has discovered what truly works and has implemented his knowledge into the creation of Great Legal Marketing in 2005.

Above all, Ben believes in the success of the solo and small firm attorney and in the power of education-based, direct response marketing.

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