Make Tough Decisions: Create a High-Performance Culture


All of Ben Glass’s best tips for making the toughest choices in your practice, including the best ways to manage employees, your time, and your firm’s finances.

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Create a High-Performance Culture, Hire Better Employees, and Make More Money by Improving One Simple (Yet Difficult to Master) Skill…

When you opened the doors to your law firm, you took a risk. That one decision was the best you ever made… but it brings with it endless other choices. Some choices wake you up at 2 AM and leave you lying awake, wondering what to do. They create a pit in your stomach. You shouldn’t live with that kind of anxiety. What if you could take away nearly all (or at least most) of the stress that comes with the TOUGH DECISIONS you make in a law firm and end up running a more profitable firm at the same time?


What I discovered and want to share with you includes:

–> How to run a law firm so well that the people you fire still bring you birthday gifts (yes, this actually happens and it is proof that my method of decision-making is good for both me and the people at my practice)

–> Pure, undoctored TRUTHS about hiring employees who align with YOUR vision of the practice (Warning: this runs against what 98% of what most law firms do… yet it has improved my life more than any other decision-making process I improved in the last 24 months – I am happier than ever before and have the best team ever at my law firm!)

–> The money management secret you will never hear in law school (and choosing to view finances this way will be a tough choice, but it is the right one that gives you permission to build a real business in your firm)

–> One wildly simple litmus test question that I ask myself before firing any employee

–> My four-step formula to defusing any tension or fight (while this product doesn’t specifically cover conflict with your spouse or children, it is actually a method I use to great effect at home)

–> The time management improvement I made that quadrupled my productivity… it is so different from what is preached by most that my staff nearly mutinied when I introduced it over a decade ago! However, this decision has made my relationships with clients, staff, and family much better – I only wish I had done this when I first opened the doors to my law firm!

–> How and when to wield the word “NO” like a powerful weapon – wisely and with tremendous effect when used

–> 7 delightfully in-depth rules about delegating, so you can focus only on the highest-value tasks in your practice and the work you really want to do, instead of wasting time on $10/hour tasks that should never come across your desk (this is one of the ways I raised my personal income faster than ever before)

–> “Live that moment. What I have discovered is that nobody dies. Hell doesn’t happen.” … What in the world does this mean and how can it completely remove stress and anxiety from the hardest decisions you make?

–> My little-known method of handling the “I want a raise” discussion with any employee

–> How to handle partnership agreements with maximum benefit to you (and without upsetting the current culture at your law firm)

–> One mind-altering three-word phrase that will forever change how you view your relationship with clients (and has been worth at least $1.6 million to my law firm)

–> The constant action I practice that skyrocketed my success starting a decade ago and keeps my law firm constantly evolving and growing to provide me and my family with maximum financial safety (while allowing me to work fewer hours than ever before)

–> And a whole lot more!

Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.