Mastering Client Attraction in the Modern Economy


How to attract clients WITHOUT “hard selling” ever again, create long-term sustainable growth in client leads, attract clients with higher margins, and create the right system for moving the right people from prospect to clients.

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The Best Start-to-Finish Proven System for Solo and Small Firm Attorneys to Experience Major Marketing Breakthroughs (More Clients, No Need to “Sell,” and Higher Fees – Guaranteed!)

Dear Friend,

Right now, there are hidden opportunities in your law practice – areas that if understood and exploited would provide you with a significant boost in new client intakes…

But first, let me explain the really, really big problem facing law firms today.

Potential clients no longer follow the “Linear Path of Acquisition.”

Just a few years ago, most clients found an attorney through a straight line. They would have a problem, do some research about the problem, call a law firm, and set an appointment. Then, the rest was left up to the success of the attorney at the appointment.

Today, however, clients climb up and down and back and forth across a web of marketing before ultimately choosing who to hire.

The modern client has a problem, does some research, then consults with friends, family, and/or co-workers.

THEN, the client checks other online resources, such as review sites. There may be a “comparison shopping” phase.

At this point, the potential client may go back to researching the problem to see if she or she can handle it on his or her own.

Or you get a call.

But do you see how many different ways this could go wrong for you?

Unfortunately, for many law firms, it does go wrong.

Pro se filings are up for bankruptcy. Personal injury cases are heading in that direction. And the trend is seeping into other practice areas. Family law, in particular.

The problem isn’t simply economic and technological trends.

It is actually a problem with the way law firms present themselves in their marketing.

Most law firms look like all the others.

The marketing doesn’t explain the value of hiring an attorney.

If you simply learned how to fill in the gaps in the client journey…

And couple that with the major competitive advantage of developing actual value (not just perceived value) upfront…

You would be FAR AHEAD of your competition.

Discover the Ultimate Competitive Edge, Capable of Leaving Other Law Firms in Your Dust

You can get access to these IMMENSE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES. You can import world-class consulting into your law firm.

And I’m stacking it with thousands of dollars of amazing bonuses, including a one-on-one consultation between you and me!

If you want access to the most potent marketing system ever developed for attorneys, this offer is perfect for you.

You can finally attract clients to you who are pre-sold on your law firm.

This means…

  • No “hard selling” ever again (eliminate the skepticism most clients have when dealing with a legal problem)
  • Long-term, sustainable growth (strategies like these have doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled other law firms like yours)
  • Marketing autonomy (by seeing exactly how to do it right, you can’t be swindled by bad marketers sell shiny objects ever again)
  • Higher margins for a more profitable practice (see exactly how to bring in clients who are “price elastic,” allowing you to raise your fees and instantly make more money with no drop-off in new client acquisition)
  • Your law firm will better serve your personal desires (more time off, happier and better employees, higher personal income, and much, much more)

What You Will Gain from Mastering Client Attraction from Great Legal Marketing

  • The most up-to-date marketing knowledge from industry leaders condensed into one visual guide that will show you how clients are shopping for attorneys in our tech-heavy culture.
  • What is most important to building a healthy law practice that will secure your financial future.
  • Why attracting new clients is harder than ever and how you can overcome objections from callers, web visitors, and potential clients with ease.
  • The most common problems with many lawyer funnels and how you can plug the “leaks in your bucket.”
  • How to bring in the clients you want and repel the cases you don’t want without offending those potential clients you reject.
  • How to develop a system for moving the right person from a lead to a prospect to a client without having to sell anything.
  • The psychology of funnels and how clients really make a purchase decision.
  • Why the cases you reject are still valuable and how you can monetize every lead.

These client attraction methods are an essential part of any attorney’s arsenal. Here is what you are getting when you order TODAY…

  • Marking the Old New Again in Your Marketing: Marketing Your Law Practice in the Modern Economy – Charley Mann
  • Building a Path to Your Practice: How Your Best Prospects Gather Information, Sort Through Their Options, and Make Decisions on Who to Hire (Part 1 of 2) – Ben Glass
  • The Secrets of Our Most Successful Web Partners (What Do “They Do” Anyway?) – Tom Foster
  • 9 Gloves Off, Knockout Methods for Crushing Your Competition With Maximum Force – Charley Mann
  • Five Types of Energy that Will Shift Your Future – Lee Milteer
  • Building a Core Values Practice – Ben Glass
  • Building a Path to Your Practice: How Your Best Prospects Gather Information, Sort Through Their Options, and Make Decisions on Who to Hire (Part 2 of 2) – Ben Glass
  • “Marketing Funnels” for Relaxation, Success & Real Profit: The Actionable Secrets to Building a Healthy & Wealthy Practice by “Marketing” at Every Point of Client Contact – Dave Frees
  • “Ben After Dark” (Trade Secrets, Insider Information, and Previously Secret Concepts/Strategies Revealed) – GLM Team Members

Your purchase today also includes two, time-sensitive, EXCLUSIVE BONUSES with a combined value of over $6,597!

  • Bonus #1: Systematic Magic: Bring the Magic of Disney’s Guest Service to Your Law Practice featuring Vance Morris. ($289 Value!)
  • Bonus #2: How to Turn the Firehose of Ideas into Real, Live, Working Marketing in the Next 90 Days featuring Kia Arian. ($167 Value!)
  • Bonus #3: How Today’s High Producing Solo and Small Firm Attorneys Think and Behave to Maximize Profits and Live Life Big featuring Sammy Chong. ($195 Value!)
  • Bonus #4: Clone Your Favorite Clients: The Ultimate System For Tripling Referrals featuring Shaun Buck. ($97 Value!)
  • Bonus #5: How to be the Best Manager You Can Be and Make Your Team Twice as Productive featuring Jay Henderson. ($325 Value!)
  • Bonus #6: This bonus is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR THE 1ST 17 BUYERS. One 90- minute, personalized phone consultation with Charley Mann, Chief Marketing Officer of Great Legal Marketing. A 90 consultation with Charley Mann is typically valued at $1,100, but with the purchase of Mastering Client Attraction, it is FREE! This bonus must be redeemed 12 months after getting the program. ($1,100 Value!)
  • Bonus #7: $2000 discount for a one-day consultation with either Ben Glass or Charley Mann. This certificate is valid for the NEXT THREE YEARS!
  • Bonus #8: Everyone who purchases before the deadline will receive a free digital download of today’s special live training on bringing in more clients than ever before!

Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.