Underground Marketing: Real Tactics to Draw the Attention of Your Prospects


Learn how to do what most attorneys ignore and profit from your choice to go “underground” with your marketing!

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Back in 2017, my CMO delivered a one-off specialty session in a breakout room at one of our biggest Summits ever. He showed the audience how they can instantly upgrade their marketing… without needing to break the bank, use any “gimmicks,” or gain new skills…

This program brings that whole session to life and includes all-new implementation materials to help you better understand and use the lessons. Here is just a sample of what you’re in for:

  • The five most common objections given by potential clients and how to either 1) overcome them and convert the client or, 2) realize the client isn’t worth your time and move on…
  • One sly trick used by fast-food powerhouse McDonald’s and how you can immediately turn the concept into a potent law firm marketing strategy
  •  Learn from Facebook’s “magic number” and what it means for your advertising
  • How to tailor your marketing to your ideal clients so it fits like a pair of Dwayne Wade’s pants
  • The ultimate publicity campaign that you have waiting right in front of you but NO ONE is taking advantage of (yet)

Learn How to Do What Most Attorneys Ignore… and Profit from Your Choice to Go “Underground” with Your Marketing!

The best marketing opportunities exist in the spaces others turn their noses up at…

Because nearly ALL of the ignored advertising areas are filled with potential clients. But the snobs who ignore those spaces get wrapped up in their own ideas of what marketing “should or should not be.”

The TRUTH is that great marketing is simply marketing that actually gets clients.

It’s NOT about colors…

or fancy images…

or taglines…

or web design awards.

Great marketing is determined by the results.

If you want the REAL tactics to get seen, be heard, and draw the attention of your perfect prospects, you may need to go a little UNDERGROUND with what you do.

This is NOT about gimmicks.

THIS IS about better understanding human behavior, current marketing technology, and how to track market trends. Your ability to advertise is built entirely on your own curiosity about how people make decisions. After all, hiring you is a MAJOR DECISION. If you understand the process behind the choice, you can help guide the potential safely through the decision-making process, proving your worth along the way.

I’m ready to show you how this works…

Are you ready to see what others choose to ignore?

Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.