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Heroes and Icons Summit

October 28-29 | Nashville, TN

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THE Ultimate Law Firm Growth Conference for renegadesbig thinkers… entrepreneursjob creators… and INNOVATORS who “just happen to be” Law Firm Owners

If you want to know how law firm owners achieve 2-5X practice growth while finding more time to pursue their ideal lives, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

The most trusted practice growth event for renegade law firm owners brings you EXPERTS sharing their trade secrets, TOOLS to apply to your practice’s growth, and COACHING for clarity and inspiration to achieve even your most outrageous goals with your law firm.

Your Ambition, Supported and Celebrated!

“Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams, encourage your ideas, support your ambitions, and bring out the best in you.”


― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

I want you to live an even bigger life than me.

I’m not kidding when I make that statement, because I believe in abundance. It’s why I will stand up on the stage and tell exactly what I’m doing to succeed. There’s no holding back.

It wasn’t always this way for me when I started my law firm...

Back in 1995, there wasn’t this kind of event. There weren’t law firm owners coaching other law firm owners on how to buck the status quo. Frankly, even today most of the events out there focus more on the limitations than the possibilities in growing your law firm.

I remember one particular CLE...

It was a state bar event. Earlier in the year, I received a letter – much like this one – inviting me to an event put on by Dan Kennedy. For a reason I can no longer conjure up, I decided to go to the local CLE. After all, it was closer... easier... less expensive... and surely it would feature ways for me to grow.

Yet, in the room where I sat, the message was one of waiting your turn.

“Just do good work. Serve your clients, and they will refer people to you.”

Funny, that’s the same message I heard last year. And the year before that... While people nodded their heads, it was almost like no one had heard of the internet. No one was thinking about “lead generation.”

I realized...

I was in the wrong room.

At that moment, I nearly got up and raced to Ohio to be at Dan’s event. Probably should have. (Ended up in Ohio nearly 20 times in the following decade.)

Instead, I made a forward-facing resolution: I will be where ambition is treasured and where people think bigger than me.

For me, it meant getting away from other lawyers, because the spaces for lawyers were filled with limited thinking.

Fortunately, today there is an event like the Heroes and Icons Summit.

You can be with law firm owners like yourself who think different... who challenge the status quo... and who see the future as brighter than the present.

The last trait is hard to find – seeing a bright future.

With all the pundits and naysayers shouting on television and radio, you’d think civilization went and died already. Like there is no hope and our best days as humanity are behind us.

Isn’t that a sad way to think?

Again, I believe your future can be even brighter than my own. And I happen to see my future as extraordinarily bright, even as I near the age others earmark for retirement. Me? I’m just getting started.

Leading Experts, Speakers, Coaches, and More 

Our speakers are the best-in-class for delivering high-impact, practical information for the modern entrepreneurial law firm owner

Jimmy DiResta

Inventor and Maker // Media Personality

Seen on Netflix, YouTube, HGTV, NBC, and Discovery

Learn More
Ben Glass

Ben Glass

CEO, Founder, Attorney

BenGlassLaw and Great Legal Marketing

Charley Mann

President and Lead Coach

Great Legal Marketing

Seth Price

Founder and Owner

Price Benowitz LLP // BluSharkDigital

Craig Goldenfarb


Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A.

Brooke Lively

President and Founder

Cathedral Capital

Alex Valencia

President and Co-owner

We Do Web Content

Liel Levy


Nanato Media

Richard James


Your Practice Mastered

Charles Internicola

Founder and Attorney

Internicola Law Firm

John Griffith

Founding Attorney

Griffith Law

Tom Foster


Foster Web Marketing

Adam Rossen

Founder & CEO

Rossen Law Firm

AJ Yolofsky

Founder & Attorney

Yolofsky Law


Details coming soon


Your Growth Sessions!

Ultimate Lifestyle Blueprint

What's better than running a great law firm? Creating and living your IDEAL LIFE! See how Ben Glass mapped out five huge life-changing goals and made all of them come true in half the time he thought he needed...

Local Search Dominance

Learn what three top-performing SEO companies do to knock competitors off the map for their clients... see what must be done to generate up to 4X more leads from local search than you do today!

MEGA Profit Referral Marketing

Shhh... don't tell the big law firms or all the "I just get leads through my website" folks... Referral marketing produced the BIGGEST return on investment numbers we have ever seen in the last 12 months! What makes our system so powerful? The Five Keys to High Profit Referrals will be shared at the Summit!

Pay Per Click Remixed

What are the THREE HUGE CHANGES to pay per click advertising in the last 12 months, and how could they radically improve your results? Top experts in Google Ads are prepared to reveal their client road maps producing millions of dollars per year in new clients!

High-productivity Hiring

Imagine a law firm filled with team members who move even before you tell them what needs to be done... get the details on the MARKET-LEADING HIRING PLAN used by seven-figure firm owners in our highest coaching groups

Podcasting for Law Firms

Should you start a podcast? Who should be on it? How can you actually get clients from one? What are the highest-performing podcasts doing that you are not? Get the scoop on why a selective group of members are hitting big benchmarks with their law firm podcasts...

Where Did the Profit Go?!

Feel like you're growing but not actually making more money? See why over 70% of firms stumble when adding revenue without profit... you will finally understand the financial mechanisms to create wealth from your law firm (instead of just a paycheck)

Maximize Your Virtual Assistant

Considering the number of firms that hired VAs in the last two years, it is shocking how underused these key staff members are... not anymore! Get the secrets behind one of the largest legal VA staffing companies, including how to get more out of any remote employee

Just. Do. This. Marketing.

Frustrated about what you should do next to add your next hundred thousand or even million dollars in new clients to your practice? No more guessing or wandering around in the dark... just follow this plan that added over $10 million in value to member firms this past year alone!

Mastering Your KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) get a lot of talk and not enough walk... until you see how an eight-figure firm uses them to keep growing! Finally see how KPIs actually get used without being overwhelming, so you can go home and start tracking the right numbers in your firm!

Your Next Million Dollars

Thinking of expanding into the Spanish-speaking market? What about adding a new practice vertical? Opening a brand new office? Find out how to select a seven-figure growth opportunity for your law firm and actually get it done... this plan is game-changing for firms like yours!

And a whole lot more!

These are just the highlights of what you will experience at the Summit... now is the time to get your ticket, book your hotel, and make sure you are in NASHVILLE this October!

Join Us in Nashville!

Enjoy your time away from the day-to-day work of your law in the culture center of downtown Nashville. Stay at the spectacular Loews Vanderbilt, enjoy evenings networking with fellow attendees, and schedule an extra day to experience the sights (and sounds)! Nashville is the perfect city for those who prefer a quiet evening out or some time to let loose.

October 28-29

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Stay just blocks away from Music Row and Centennial Park. Enjoy easy access to bars, restaurants, excursions, live music, and more. Then, come back to your premium room at the Loews Vanderbilt to rest up for your action-packed days at the conference!

For Law Firm Owners Who Want the NEXT LEVEL in the Practice's Growth

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Your ticket as a member of Great Legal Marketing's HERO or ICON program includes:

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  • Speaker Meet and Greets
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Your general admission tickets include:

  • Intention-Setting Journal to Build your Launch Plans
  • Free edition of the Innovator’s Handbook
  • Discounted Guest Tickets
  • Cocktail Hour Networking Session
  • Speaker Meet and Greets


19 INNOVATIONS at the Heroes and Icons Summit to Boost Your Revenue and Profit

  • How to produce 2-3X HIGHER results from all the marketing you produce!
  • The selling point behind one of HGTV’s most successful shows – and how to adopt this simple formula in your marketing messages!
  • One simple referral system unused by 98% of law firms but capable of generating five new referral relationships every month
  • 5 technologies every law firm needs to use (and our all-too-honest thoughts on which of the software providers out there are worth it)
  • How to put at least half of your marketing ON AUTOPILOT, including creating systems that remove you from any manual labor
  • Unmask the NINE LIES fed to law firm owners about marketing and management (truly a look behind the curtain you won’t find anywhere else)
  • How BS corporate messaging hurt the largest ride-sharing company in the world and what they did to turn it around
  • 7 video marketing tactics that actually work (by using the right video in the right place)
  • Why the “just figure it out” approach for intake staff is so powerful... and how it is slowly killing local restaurants that make the wrong decision (the same problem happens every day in law firms!)
  • What every law firm owner (and success-seeker) needs to know about Mutual Improvement Societies – including how to use the concept in your own law firm both for your team and to build better relationships outside the practice
  • The two major financial metrics you need to monitor
  • Why essential oils are all the proof you need to implement four powerful marketing concepts in all of your online and offline marketing
  • Three HUGE marketing and client service ideas buried in a shareholder report of a Trillion-Dollar company (it’s the one shows up on your doorstep way too often during the month)
  • Psychology secrets behind MAJOR online clothing retailers and the “first purchase” acquisition strategy you can use in your law firm that gets customers locked into their brands
  • How to build the VISION for your law firm... and actually make it your vision, not the one you’re sold on by the “cult of entrepreneurship”
  • Why boring, ole market research is your hidden best friend and how to use it
  • Decoding who to hire and when (by following a mathematical formula to help boost profits and keep you on a growth track)
  • Advice from a Super Bowl champion quarterback and the powerful way he (and other titans of industry, sport, and culture) approached big moments in his career
  • One critical business decision made by the best-known tattoo artist of all time (who actually turned down going to Yale) and how he went from setting up his first shop to being the center of a nine-figure, worldwide brand

Everything You Need,

All Together in One Place

To empower the RENEGADE lawyers... the big thinkers... the entrepreneurs... the job creators... and the INNOVATORS, we put everything you need in place at the Summit.

This includes:

  • Top-flight, compelling speakers to train, teach, coach, and motivate you (all with practical business experience to apply to your law firm)
  • Marketing plans to spike your new client intake
  • Well-curated vendor selection to support your growth
  • Leadership lessons to generate greater profit through a deeply aligned, motivated, and productive team
  • Attendees who are the best, most generous, and most positive group of lawyers you will ever meet (according to past attendees and vendors!)
  • Networking opportunities to build your business and enrich your life
  • Real world examples of the success you want to achieve both on and off the stage
  • And more!

Every attendee will walk away with a Plan for Growth and the resources to make it a reality.

And while there will be plenty of inspiration...

Our #1 goal is to move you...


My promise to you is YOU WILL KICK OFF THE MOST PRODUCTIVE PERIOD OF YOUR PRACTICE’S LIFE immediately following the Summit.

The pieces are in place.

Carefully chosen speakers and vendors. A group of ambitious law firm owners, together because they are ready for exceedingly bright and prosperous futures. Collective focus on INNOVATION in your marketing and operations...

The Summit is where journeys begin and futures are made!

Don’t wait a single extra second. It is Decision Time!

Perhaps you find it in your comfort zone and are rushing to get your ticket this very moment. Or perhaps you are a little nervous and want one last bit of reassurance...

Your Experience is Guaranteed

If you don’t get at least $500,000 in obvious value for your law firm, you are entitled to a complete refund for the event PLUS $500 in documented travel expenses and a $500 check to a spouse/significant other/family member (to compensate them for the time you were away).

This refund is available until the conclusion of the 2022 Heroes and Icons Innovation Summit.

Get Your Tickets!

Member Tickets

Your ticket as a member of Great Legal Marketing's HERO or ICON program includes:

  • Intention-Setting Journal to Build your Launch Plans
  • Free edition of the Innovator’s Handbook
  • Discounted Guest Tickets
  • Cocktail Hour Networking Session
  • Speaker Meet and Greets
  • Priority Check-in


General Admission

Your general admission tickets include:

  • Intention-Setting Journal to Build your Launch Plans
  • Free edition of the Innovator’s Handbook
  • Discounted Guest Tickets
  • Cocktail Hour Networking Session
  • Speaker Meet and Greets


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