The Best Attorney Ads of 2020

One HUGE benefit of being a Great Legal Marketing member is getting access to a top-notch community of attorneys who happily share their ideas, success, and practice growth strategies. We looked back at our membership in 2020 and found our favorite marketing campaigns and shared those stories here. Many of these ideas are based on core membership programs that only our HERO and ICON members can access. If you are interested in learning more about Great Legal Marketing, visit to learn about our HERO and ICON coaching programs!

BEST ATTORNEY AD 1: Shostak Law Firm, LLC | DWI | Missouri

Comic-styled book print advertisement

We ask all of our new members to include a piece of non-Internet marketing that they are currently doing with their 30-Day Fast Start Implementation Checklist. Grant Shostak’s piece is quite unique because it is a short comic strip. The advertisement immediately catches the eye and stands out.

Of course, the advertisement is more than just a comic strip to get attention for the firm. it is created with a clear purpose – to prompt consumers to download his free guide. This one-pager is a great example of how to use illustrations in an advertisement because it adds value to the overall message and does not distract from the goal.

Mr. Shostak does all of this while also teaching criminal law courses at a local university, so the amount of creativity and thought that he has put into his legal marketing is nothing to sneeze at.

BEST ATTORNEY AD 2: Littlejohn Law, LLC | Estate Planning | Ohio

Kicking off 2020 by hosting a local small-business mastermind

Edward Littlejohn is no stranger to hosting free seminars for his law firm. These events are both educational (teaching people about estate planning), and personal (client appreciation dinners.) Besides using these free events for client attraction and community outreach, Edward has hosted events for small business owners in his area.

In June 2019, Mr. Littlejohn hosted a seminar for small business owners all about the basics of running a business. In January, to kick off 2020, he hosted a small business mastermind to share ideas and learn from and with local business owners. There are always lessons to be learned from other people and interacting with local entrepreneurs are beneficial for everyone involved.


BEST ATTORNEY AD 3: The Probate Law Firm | Probate | Florida

Assembling his first “shock and awe” box

Since joining Great Legal Marketing, Justin Stivers has hit the ground running with a steady implementation of marketing strategies. From writing a free report to creating a Google My Business page, filming FAQs, and writing new website content, he has gotten a lot done in a short period of time.

Perhaps most notably, he has already put together a “shock and awe” box to send to potential clients. His shock and awe package includes an educational brochure and flyers that break down probate with easy-to-understand language, a testimonial booklet, a branded pen and business card, and arguably the most powerful component, a handwritten note.

BEST ATTORNEY AD 4: Law Office of Loyd J. Bourgeois | Disability | Louisiana

Creating a new community outreach program

Last fall, Mr. Bourgeois marketing director, Lindy, attending our Elite Marketing Director Intensive. During the small event, each attendee got a chance to have their specific questions answered and an opportunity to collaborate on ideas. One of the ideas, shared by David Blackwell’s marketing director Pagan, sparked a new idea for Lindy to bring to the Law Office of Loyd J. Bourgeois, which is designed to support their local school system.

Each month, the firm will go to one of the public schools in St. Charles Parish and stock the teacher’s lounge with supplies and snacks. Of course, community marketing cannot be effective if no one knows about it, which is why Lindy wasted no time spreading awareness. The program has been highlighted in their newsletter, on social media, and through the local newspaper and other local media outlets.

BEST ATTORNEY AD 5: Siedentopf Law | Estate Planning | Georgia

Becoming an author.

Sarah Siedentopf has written and published her first book, Peace of Mind Through Estate Planning: A Guide for Georgia Residents – Protecting Yourself and Your Family, and can officially call herself an author. Of course, publishing a book cannot be a strong client attraction magnet if no potential clients know the book exists, which is why Ms. Siedentopf wasted no time putting the offer on her website and in her phone answering script.

During the first six months of Great Legal Marketing membership, we ask attorneys to do quite a lot. With the book being possibly the most daunting task among them, and not everyone gets it done. This a big accomplishment and is well-deserving of celebration.

ATTORNEY AD 6: Miley Legal Group | Personal Injury | West Virginia

Consistent community outreach through volunteer award program.

The Miley Legal Group’s (MLG) dedication to their community never falters.

In the firm’s mailed monthly newsletter, there is a Celebrating Volunteers section, sponsored by MLG and the local radio station WBOY, where the law firm highlights different volunteers and their organizations in the community. The awardees are all nominated by members of the community and selected by Tim Miley and Marisa Matyola of WBOY. Recipients are chosen by their dedication and commitment to the organization through volunteerism.

Beyond raising awareness for the organization, MLG donates $500 to the awardees. A few groups that have been awardees are Bikers for a Cure, Operation Firm Handshake, The Davis Crew Kittens, Buckhannon Upshur 4H Archery, and the Pierpont Pride Food Pantry.

BEST ATTORNEY AD 7: Parks Zeigler, PLLC | Family Law | Virginia

Differentiating a common practice to attract clients

All of us have had to change our client meetings in some form or fashion during quarantine. Many of us have relied on video chat apps like Zoom and FaceTime for client meetings and consultations. The team at Parks Zeigler, PLLC, has taken the extra step of setting up tents in their parking lot so that clients can drop off/pick up important documents while remaining safe.

This idea isn’t entirely unique, many businesses and restaurants are offering curbside pickup and utilizing their parking lots, which is why the law firm knew they needed to set themselves apart by labeling the service. The firm announced Curb Side Legal Services in their most recent newsletter, writing, “When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, drive into our tent, stay in your car, and our staff will come to the tent and complete the necessary signings while practicing safety guidelines the CDC recommends.” By using proprietary language and labeling the service, it has become unique and enticing to potential clients.


BEST ATTORNEY AD 8: Meldon Law | Personal Injury | Florida

Launching Meldon Law Cares

COVID-19 has shown us how much of a positive impact small business has on the community. To help their local community, Meldon Law has started the “Meldon Law Cares” program where they donate pizza and hamburgers to hospital workers.

By providing meals for the workers, they are not only showing appreciation for all the hard-working healthcare workers, but they also supporting local restaurants. They have already donated to hospitals in three different counties and plan on visiting many more.

During a time when many companies, and individuals, are focused on themselves, Meldon Law is focused on aiding the community and spreading positivity and gratitude. It’s an admirable, and much-needed, mindset that inspires others to find ways to help. Thank you to the team at Meldon Law for being a shining light in their community.


BEST ATTORNEY AD 9: Parker Law Firm | Personal Injury | Texas

Consistent, top-notch, client care and engagement

To spread some positivity during the pandemic, the Parker Law Firm mailed out swag boxes, a care package containing games, work-from-home desk accessories, and of course, branded hand sanitizer. These extra touches can make all the difference with your clients and are a great way to show appreciation and gently remind your clients that you care.

Another way Brad and his team engaged with their clients is by creating the Parker Law Firm Koozie Challenge. During the summer of 2020 clients, friends, and family were encouraged to submit photos with their Parker Law Firm koozie. Contestants were entered into a drawing for Dallas Stars Hockey Tickets. Clients really enjoy participating in these types of challenges, and the winner will enjoy it even more!


BEST ATTORNEY AD 10: The Morrison Firm | Financial Services | Texas

Publishing his first lead generation report

Lee Stringham has completed his first free report titled 5 Questions Your CFO Should Be Able to Answer… In Their Sleep! In his opening letter to the reader, Mr. Stringham shares a true, cautionary story of a criminal defense attorney he worked with that almost got shut down from the IRS because the attorney hadn’t paid income taxes, payroll taxes, or gross receipts taxes for two years (since the business opened).

Losing one’s business over a careless error is a fear for every new entrepreneur. Of course, Mr. Stringham was able to negotiate with the IRS to keep his client’s firm open, displaying not only that his services are useful, but they are necessary.

Mr. Stringham story follows the proven copywriting formula of create pain, aggravate pain, and alleviate the pain. From there, the report goes on to answer FAQs, SAQs, and explain the exact process of working with Lee Stringham.

BEST ATTORNEY AD 11: Cronin Law Firm | Family Law | Michigan

Spreading positivity with the Challenge2Change workshops

Sabrina Cronin knows that many of her clients are going through trying times because of COVID-19 and it can be challenging to remain optimistic. To help encourage her community to make positive changes during the pandemic, she launched Challenge2Change, a series of workshops every Tuesday on Facebook Live.

Challenge2Change gives practical tips and advice of overcoming obstacles, as well as featuring special motivational guests with unique insight. By hosting the workshop through Facebook Live, viewers could easily ask questions and communicate with one another, building a sense of community. This series was originally intended to only run through April and May 2020, but as COVID-19 persisted, so did Sabrina. As of writing this, she shows no signs of ending the workshops.

BEST ATTORNEY AD 12: Sodowsky Law | Tax Law | Virginia

Launching his annual Safety Scholarship for Law Students

The Sodowsky Law Firm created an annual scholarship program for law students. To apply, U.S. law students created a brief video that addressed one of two topics: the importance of consulting a business attorney before starting one’s own business, or how tax attorneys improve modern society.

The winner was awarded a $1,000 scholarship to use towards their education. Great work supporting law students while also promoting the importance of lawyers in society!


BEST ATTORNEY AD 13: Fox Willis Burnette, PLLC | Personal Injury | Tennessee

Bringing blessing boxes to their local community

While the idea of the blessing box was already in the works at Fox, Willis, Burnette, PLLC, the team knew that when the pandemic hit, the local community would benefit from it now more than ever. They placed twelve blessing boxes, stocked with non-perishable food, throughout their community.

The blessing box allowed members of the community to discreetly pick up food to help feed themselves and their family. To spread the word to members of the community and encourage food donations, Bruce contacted WVLT, a local television station. In the interview, Bruce Fox said, “We have a demand for it and a need for it in our community,” and he expressed his optimism in the impact of the program.


BEST ATTORNEY AD 14: Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. | Criminal Defense | Pennsylvania

Publishing the 4th edition of his popular, free DUI book

The team at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. published a new book to add to their free library titled DUI: A Guide for Anyone Charged with DUI in Pennsylvania. This book answers many questions racing through the worried minds of individuals charged with a DUI regarding their job, their family, and their freedom.

Potential clients are encouraged to download this book before they ever contact an attorney so that they know the answers to many immediate and pressing questions.

If someone is panicked while looking for an attorney, they may rush to hire the first attorney they find, which of course is not necessarily the best attorney to help with their case. This book is excellent as it helps to build trust with the potential client and enticing them to request a copy.


BEST ATTORNEY AD 15: Yolofsky Law | Business Law | Florida

Launching a podcast to help business owners

Seeing a lack of best practices and business guidance for the everyday person, A.J. decided to create the Next Level Law podcast.

The podcast is described as “a podcast for business and estate planning, specializing in small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurship. Host AJ Yolofsky explores a variety of areas that will assist in your next steps for your business or personal life. This podcast is not intended as legal advice but instead looks to educate and inform you of areas you should be considering when starting or operating a business and protecting your family for the future.”

This topic-specific podcast will serve as a great source of lead generation for Yolofsky Law and will build trust between A.J. and potential clients.

BEST ATTORNEY AD 16: Strong & Hanni | Elder Law | Utah

Mailing the Ultimate Referral Letter

The Ultimate Referral System is one of the first programs new members of Great Legal Marketing should dive in to. Kent wasted no time creating his own mailing list of referral sources and sending them the letter. Building a robust referral network can be simple, so long as you take the first step to reach out to other attorneys and create a system where it is easy to become referral partners.


BEST ATTORNEY AD 17: Andrew M. Ayers P.C. | Estate Planning | Minnesota

Creating the “My Personal Planning Essentials” checklist

Throughout several discussions with financial advisors, accountants, and clients, Andrew Ayers realized that many people worry about where they should keep the important information that will go in their will. Most people put their information in a long booklet that recounts every bit of information. These booklets are time-consuming and lead to many people procrastinating filling it out. That is why Andrew put together a short, two-page checklist that includes space for the estate plan information, trusted advisors, digital assets, health advisors, and funeral preferences. This checklist is available to anyone, not just clients of Andrew M. Ayers P.C.

In true Great Legal Marketing style, the checklist isn’t entirely free because the person must exchange their name and email address to receive it. Now, Mr. Ayers will be able to follow up with the new leads until they become clients.


ATTORNEY AD 18: The Beck Law Firm, LLC | Estate Planning | Georgia

Rebranding and expanding his estate planning services

The Beck Law Firm, LLC has established a new division – Peach State Wills and Trust. While the firm has offered estate planning services since 2007, Mr. Beck recognized a growing need in Georgia for high-quality estate planning services and decided to rebrand and expand the estate planning services.

In his newsletter, Joel writes, “Our goal in this effort is to be able to expand our reach and help more folks than ever with their critical planning needs to protect themselves and their families.” Peach State Wills and Estate can assist clients in all of Georgia’s 159 counties. The new brand launched with an updated version of their guide to estate planning in Georgia, a brand-new free report titled 10 Mistakes to Avoid, and a new landing page on their website.


ATTORNEY AD 19: The Law Offices of Richard C. Bell | Personal Injury | New York

Using his authority and influence to encourage people to vote

Books do not need to be related to the law to elevate your authority and increase your influence with potential clients. A few months ago, Richard Bell wrote Voting: The Ultimate Act of Resistance – The Real Truth from the Voting Rights Battlefields. In this book, Mr. Bell shares his own experience with the voter suppression wars, through his pro bono work to protect voters in the courtroom and at the voting polls.

The book’s description explains, “He will not be happy about voting rights until election protection attorneys like him are no longer needed on Election Day.” By displaying his unwavering dedication towards voters’ rights, Mr. Bell is building trust with the reader. The book has been well-received, ranking in seventeen five-star reviews on Amazon and ranking #1 in Hot New Releases in Urban, State & Local Government Law upon its release.


ATTORNEY AD 20: Scott | Vicknair | Business/ Estate Planning | Louisiana

Launching a lead generation webinar

Back in April, Charley Mann and Tifiny Swedensky hosted a 3-part video series called “High-Converting Webinars for Attorneys.” During the video series, they discussed the entire webinar marketing process, from topic selection and filming to where to broadcast the final product and everything in between.

Brad didn’t waste any time and started filming a webinar for potential clients to called How to Transfer Property After Someone Passes Away in Louisiana. The free offer is placed in several prominent places on his website, including on the top banner of every page and the free offers page.

The landing page is equipped with a sneak peek video, a distinct and stand out call to action button, and a great explanation of who would benefit from watching the webinar. By adding a webinar into his arsenal of free offers, including books and practice area-specific forms, Brad can expand his reach even further and have more funnels to attract and convert potential clients.

Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.

Most attorneys start their firms assuming that being a really, really good attorney should, in and of itself, be a marketing advantage. Those attorneys believe that joining a whole bunch of committees and putting their name in lawyer directories is “marketing,” and they never bother to ask if there is a better way.

Attorneys are catching on, however, and those who succeed learn to leverage their current resources to create effective (and ethical) marketing. What they discover isn’t a magic pill or silver bullet but a different approach to marketing that your competitors haven’t considered.

If you want a peek at what successful attorneys use to market their practice, the HERO Starter Kit is your logical next step.

We’ve put together a FREE (and potentially life-changing) kit for solo and small firm attorneys that will show you a better way to reach potential clients and get them excited to call your firm. Request your HERO Starter Kit from Great Legal Marketing!

by Ben Glass

Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.


  • Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.