Our Programs

HERO Accelerated - the mastermind for attorneys who want to master their law firm's marketing

Generate More (and Better) Client Leads by Implementing Smart, Effective Law Firm Marketing

For attorneys who make six-figures but want to break the seven-figure barrier

The ICON program is for multi-million dollar law firms who want create an owner-independent firm.

Create an ‘Owner-Independent Firm’ & Turn Your 7-Figure Practice into a Multi-Million Dollar Law Firm

For attorneys who make seven-figures and want to optimize all areas of their law firm

The HERO Accelerated mastermind meets monthly to discuss law firm marketing and practice growth strategies.

The Mastermind for Achieving Your Seven-Figure or High-Profit Six-Figure Firm

A high-intensity group coaching program for attorneys who want to build multi-million dollar practices. By application only.

The Mastermind for Achieving Your Ideal Multi-million Dollar Firm that Runs Itself

A high-intensity group coaching program for attorneys who want a law firm that they can ‘manage from the beach!’ By application only.

The ICON Accelerated mastermind is for multi-million dollar law firms who want create an owner-independent firm.

Letter from Ben

Dear Fellow Attorney,

Enough is enough.

You don’t need another social media group to join…

You need a group with real buy-in designed to push you to greater and greater achievements – even past what you believe is doable right now.

It needs to have easy-to-understand and even easier to implement law firm marketing strategies that can be launched by DIY-ers investing their own elbow grease or those hiring pros to handle the hard work.

And most of all, IT. MUST. PRODUCE. RESULTS.

I’m Ben Glass and along with leading law firm coach Charley Mann, we are inviting entrepreneurial law firm owners to combine their innate ingenuity and drive to succeed with our best-in-class guidance and strategic planning to achieve unrivaled growth and profit in their practices.

Our law firm marketing and growth programs for attorneys looking to move into the seven-figure club will…

  • Push you to brand new heights with the assistance of a carefully guided growth system developed by professionals with top tier reputations for helping law firms. (No more suffering from the bad advice of amateurs who are better at making themselves sound good than actually growing a practice.)
  • Get you motivated to implement at warp speed (the ultimate difference between those who succeed and those who don’t.)
  • See the actual order of implementation you need to succeed based on our well-documented patterns of success – these are drawn from decades of combined experience helping firms just like yours.
  • Learn how to track your results, so you will have all the proof you need to know if your law firm is producing profit or dumping money into a bad decision.
  • Protect you marketing fads that sounds good but have no proof behind it. (These distractions cost law firms hundreds of millions of dollars a year in lost revenue, while just benefiting the fad-maker.)
  • Put your eyes on your well-defined prize and never for a moment lose sight of your GOALS, while you take concrete steps to hitting those objectives.

It all happens TODAY.

Ben Glass

Founder and CEO of Great Legal Marketing and BenGlassLaw

For over a decade, attorney Ben Glass has been teaching hundreds solo and small firm lawyers around the globe how to market ethically and effectively using education-based marketing.


Charley Mann

President and Lead Coach of Great Legal Marketing

Charley has been the secret weapon for small law firm owners across practice areas including personal injury, estate planning, family law, bankruptcy, workers compensation, immigration, business law (multiple areas), and more. He has seen what really works, who is actually helpful in the vendor world, and how to go from zero to sixty with your marketing in mere months. It reflects his own experience of being a complete business and marketing novice before his immersion into the world of entrepreneurship. He knows what it is like to be new to these worlds and looking for a way to simultaneously learn and take action – which is what you get from Charley when you are a member of Great Legal Marketing.